2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

2-Person Inflatable Hot Tubs – Which To Buy?

A romantic evening. A fun weekend. A smaller tub that’s more cost-effective to run. There are all sorts of reasons why a 2-person inflatable hot tub might be the best choice for you.

But where should you start your search?

Here are some solid choices from some of the leading brands on the market:

What Is The Best 2-Person Inflatable Hot Tub In The UK?

These three models from three different manufacturers each have plus points in their favour:

1) Lay-Z-Spa Miami AirJet

Lay-Z-Spa – or Lazy Spa, as you’ll often see it written – is often the brand that other inflatable hot tub manufacturers are compared with. It makes sense to start off with an award-winning 2-person hot tub from their extensive range.

The Lay-Z-Spa Miami AirJet is an all-round excellent choice if you’re looking for an entry-level ‘tub that comfortably seats two people, with four people technically possible but probably not as comfy!

With that exception though, there’s almost nothing bad to say about the Miami. It provides a very soothing hydromassage experience via its 120 AirJets. It’s comfortable – despite technically not having any seats built in – and it’s tough enough to withstand almost any conditions.

As a Lazy Spa, it also comes decked out with a wide range of very handy features. The FreezeShield technology keeps your water from freezing and the DuraPlus material and I-beam construction ensure it lasts.

It also clocks in at a very attractive price point. If you’re looking for a two-seater hot tub, this is the place to begin.

  • Excellent range of advanced features in a very affordable ‘tub
  • Tough and durable, with proven materials and construction
  • Lay-Z-Spa arguably makes the most energy-efficient 2-person inflatable hot tubs in the UK

2) MSpa Tekapo

One thing to look out for in hot tubs of any size, but particularly smaller models, is the shape. Round tubs are good, but square or rectangular tubs with corners actually provide more space even if they look roughly the same size on paper.

MSpa is another highly regarded brand and this, their Tekapo model, is another good choice if you’re looking for a 2-person inflatable hot tub. Like the Lazy Spa Miami, the claimed “up to four people” capacity is almost certainly pushing it. It’s sized for two for comfort.

Some might argue that the Tekapo suffers by comparison on an aesthetic basis. But it’s got that additional space and similar features – including solid material selection in its construction.
One slight negative is that the Tekapo only heats up to 38° rather than the 40° of the Miami. This will be hot enough for many bathers, though we’d argue 38.5° is really the hot tub sweet spot.

  • Square shape creates more space
  • Controls are built in, minimising chances something will go wrong
  • Very fast heating and high build quality

3) CosySpa Hot Tub Spa 2022

CosySpa arguably isn’t in the same league as Bestway’s Lay-Z-Spa or MSpa when it comes to features. No FreezeShield or DuraPlus technology here.

Two things CosySpa does have going for it are a very affordable price point with this model and what seems to be a very high quality of customer service and support.

Like other two-person hot tubs, this model often claims it’s suitable for four. However, you’re going to want to get very up close and personal indeed with the other people in the tub if there are four of you in there! For two though, this is a good size.

There are some concerns that a more powerful pump might have been a good include on the manufacturer’s part. This aside, this remains a solid entry-level purchase when you’re looking for an inflatable hot tub.

  • Very affordable price point
  • Customer service is widely and highly regarded
  • Reasonable entry-level inflatable hot tub

Why Other 2-Person Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews Miss The Mark

Many manufacturers – even ones with good reputations like those listed here – will often say their two-seater models can actually fit four. This is a claim that’s… let’s say, sometimes backed by more hope than accuracy.

With that in mind, it can also be worth considering four-seater tubs for an even more luxurious hot tubbing experience. For a two-person inflatable hot tub though, those above are the places to start.

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