Wooden Gazebo For Hot Tub

Wooden Gazebo For Hot TubWooden Gazebo For Hot Tub, protection and style

Investing in a wooden gazebo for your hot tub is a great choice if you want to create a classy, comfortable, and stylishly cool hot tubbing experience.

Wooden gazebos of all kinds can also provide some excellent shelter for your hot tub. That’s great news when you’ve made such a large investment in your home spa!

But there are hundreds of different types of wooden gazebos out there. So, where do you start when it comes to choosing the one that meets your preferences and your budget?

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Understanding The Different Types Of Wooden Hot Tub Gazebo

There is a huge range of different wooden gazebos available in the UK. These tend to fall into one of three broad categories. In generally ascending order of price, these are:

1) Stock model wooden gazebo kits

Price range: £300 to £2000 or more

Wooden gazebo kits tend to have the lightest impact on your bank account. Yet even these more affordable kinds of wooden gazebo have a great deal of variation in cost and quality.

You can get some surprisingly cost-effective models that deliver something very impressive in the looks department. There are also slightly lighter-weight options like pergolas. These arched structures are the ideal choice if you like the idea of having climbing plants adding a little natural touch to your tub surroundings.

Some wooden gazebo kits are fairly simple to construct and you usually only need some basic tools.

However, they do vary in complexity. It’s also possible to hire a professional to build yours for you, but this will add to the price tag.

2) Premade and pre-assembled wooden gazebos

wooden gazebo for hot tub
Wooden Heavy Duty Gazebo Pressure Treated Hot Tub Shelter With Roof Shingles

Price range: £1000 and upwards, though some more affordable models are available

Doing away with the Do It Yourself assembly aspect of the gazebo kit, premade and pre-assembled wooden gazebos have some price overlap but tend to cost a little more.

A big part of this cost is the delivery and installation. Flat packs are right out here. Pre-assembled models either come in large component sections or with the cost of assembly included as part of a service.

Again, there is a huge range of pre-built gazebo models out there. You can find pre-assembled models that will be a wonderful complement to almost any type of tub you might have installed.

At the top end of the price and quality spectrum, you’ll come across models that look so good that the casual eye would easily mistake them for something custom-made.

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3) Custom wooden hot tub gazebos

Price range: several thousand pounds and upwards

If you have a bigger budget, you might want to look into the custom-build option. There are many companies in the UK that provide either complete flexibility or “design your own gazebo” apps or plans with marginally more limited options. Custom options often include:

  • Roof type – shingles, felt, tiles, timber, polycarbonate, and even open or pergola-type roofs are all commonly available.
  • Wood type – hardwoods, something softer but still strong like pine, redwood or cedar, and even bamboo are all common material choices for wooden hot tub gazebos. Being a custom job, you can select the option that’s the perfect match for your hot tub cabinet or the architectural or landscaping features of your home.
  • Size – a major reason to select a custom gazebo for your hot tub installation is to get a shelter that fits the space you have available and the size of your tub exactly.

Either way, the price point here can easily jump into the multiple thousands of pounds. But on the plus side, your gazebo will be completely unique to you, your preferences and ideas, and will pair exactly with the décor and precise functionality you want from your hot tub canopy.

Kit Or Custom Made Wooden Gazebo?

It’s worth noting that there is some overlap between the general categories listed here. For instance, many custom hot tub gazebo suppliers will ship your one-of-a-kind shelter to you in flat-packed pieces. So, is that a custom-built gazebo or a gazebo kit?

Having your custom gazebo sent to you ready for DIY assembly can be a good way to cut out the cost of installation.

That said, if you don’t have relevant skills and experience, the scale of investment a custom gazebo requires usually means you’ll want an expert to handle putting it in place.


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Choosing A Wooden Gazebo For Your Hot Tub

Wooden gazebos are a great choice for your hot tub. They offer great durability in almost any weather conditions and are arguably the most attractive aesthetic choice. Though, of course, your tastes may vary!

Certainly, if you’re looking for good protection for your hot tub with a huge variety of options in terms of quality, style, and price point, you can’t do much better than choosing a wooden gazebo for your hot tub.

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