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Buy An Inflatable Hot Tub – Which, What, And Why

Choosing to buy an inflatable hot tub is a smart choice for all sorts of reasons. For a start, inflatable models are often much more cost-effective than solid, hard-sided tubs.

They’re also much more flexible. Inflatable tubs don’t usually require much more preparation than throwing down a protective mat before you place your tub on any particular surface.

But once you know why you want to buy an inflatable hot tub, which do you choose?

Here are a few of the top models on the market for your consideration:

Why Buy An Inflatable Hot Tub?

There are at least three reasons why you might choose an inflatable hot tub over the potentially classier permanent, hard-sided model:

  1. Flexibility – don’t have a whole lot of room in your back garden? Don’t want a hot tub on your property all year round? No problem. An inflatable can be taken down and put back up again very easily.
  2. Low impact – fitting a hard-sided tub requires plumbing work as well as building a foundation and probably a protective shelter too. This can be extensive construction work. It’s there for good. An inflatable tub only requires a mat.
  3. Affordability – compared with most solid permanent tub installations, any inflatable model will be a more cost-effective and affordable choice.

What Is The Best Inflatable Hot Tub To Buy In The UK?

This all means that if you want to buy a hot tub in the UK, an inflatable makes a great option. You might want to consider:

1) Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hot Tub

If you want to buy an inflatable hot tub in the UK, Lay-Z-Spa is a brand that you’ll soon become very familiar with.

The most popular manufacturer on the market with over a million customers (and with good reason), almost every model they offer has points in its favour on top of generally being of solid and reliable quality.

Sitting at a fairly mid-point in the manufacturer’s range in terms of price, the Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii hot tub seats four to six people and comes with a range of manufacturer standard-to-luxury extras.

This includes technology that prevents your tub from freezing overnight and their special WaterJet system.

  • Relatively large capacity for an inflatable tub
  • Luxury-end model that’s very easy to set up
  • Trustworthy brand offering a solid guarantee


2) Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki Hot Tub

Sticking with the same trusted brand but moving a little up the price spectrum, we find the Helsinki Hot Tub.

This offering from Lay-Z-Spa has many of the same features as the marginally smaller Hawaii.

However, not only does it fit up to seven people (as opposed to the Hawaii’s six), but it also comes with a wood-effect surround that looks great and gives this model a number of advantages when it comes to toughness.

  • Very large capacity for an inflatable hot tub
  • Ultra-sturdy solid exterior provides extra integrity and durability
  • Wood-effect finish is a nice visual plus over the standard inflatable material


3) Lay-Z-Spa Miami Hot Tub

Last one from Lay-Z-Spa, promise! It’s only when you see how much this brand dominates the inflatable hot tub market in the UK that you realise why most product lists will be heavily weighted towards their tubs.

The Miami hot tub is the more budget end of Lay-Z-Spa’s range. Yet there’s still lots to love here – not least the fact this model includes the same anti-freeze tech and AirJet massage system as some more expensive models.

  • Maximum capacity of four
  • Much lower price point than most other models from this manufacturer
  • Still contains lots of Lay-Z-Spa’s patented and top tech extras


4) Bergen Latest MSpa UK Portable Hot Tub

A newer manufacturer with a comparatively large range, MSpa UK seems to be building up generally good reviews from some of its inflatable hot tub models.

Definitely on the more budget end of the spectrum (and with respect to MSpa, it does look like it in appearance), this model has a number of benefits that belie the relatively low price point.

  • Internal pump rather than the external one of most Lay-Z-Spa models
  • Only heats to 36°C, rather low for a tub, requiring additional time to heat
  • Number of features designed to keep the tub clean and hygienic


5) CosySpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa [2022 Model]

CosySpa is another popular brand of inflatable hot tubs available in the UK.

Their updated 2022 model comes in both 4-seater and 6-seater sizes, and both are worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable inflatable tub.

Especially if you want one that comes with everything you need for an unforgettable yet flexible ‘tubbing experience!

  • Includes cover, groundsheet, and filter, allowing for year-round use
  • Some assembly instructions could be clearer, but package is comprehensive
  • Heats up overnight to a good temperature, ready for adjustment to taste


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