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What is the best Lazy Spa hot tub to buy? (Lay-Z-Spa)

Lay-Z-Spa (often abbreviated or simplified to “Lazy Spa”) is the most popular brand of inflatable hot tubs in the UK. But what is the best Lazy Spa hot tub?

Because they sure do have some options! And sometimes it’s difficult to choose between them…

If you’re wondering where to start choosing the one that’s right for you, here are some things to bear in mind as well as why some specific tubs are worth considering:

What Makes It The Best Lazy Spa Hot Tub To Buy For You?

There are a few aspects to reflect on before you choose the Lazy Spa tub that’s right for you:

  1. Capacity – how many people do you plan to get in that tub with? While it’s tempting to go for the biggest hot tub you can afford, bear in mind that bigger tubs mean higher running costs. Get one that matches your desires.
  2. Aesthetics – most inflatable tubs look inflatable. That’s not often a problem. But if you want something a little classier that’s going to suit a certain setting, look carefully before buying.
  3. Massage potential – different tubs come fitted with different numbers and types of hydro massage jets. Understand what the different descriptions mean to avoid disappointment

The Best Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tubs

1) Ibiza AirJet

Square hot tubs give you just that little bit more room, so Lay-Z-Spa’s most affordable inflatable square-shaped tub is a good place to start.

The Ibiza AirJet gives you most of the same standard techy benefits as everything else in the Lay-Z-Spa range. Do be aware though that while “AirJets” do deliver some exceptional comfort and relaxation, they do also add some cold air to the system. This marginally increases running costs.

With that one (tiny) downside, the Ibiza is a solid tub for those who want to enjoy everything hot tubbing has to offer while keeping the outlay relatively modest.

  • 4-6 person capacity
  • Lowest-cost square tub – maximum room for your buck
  • Still all the fancy bits that make Lay-Z-Spa worth buying


2) Zurich AirJet

If you want to maximise heat retention in your tub – and thus minimise your inflatable hot tub running costs – the Zurich is a Lay-Z-Spa tub worth checking out.

This rather svelte model has a thermal cover that looks to be made of suede but is actually a smart “EnergySense” material that, according to the manufacturer, enables the Zurich to be 40% more energy efficient than a typical tub of the same size. That’s a pretty impressive saving.

  • 4 person capacity
  • Clever (and pretty attractive) suede-style “EnergySense” covering provides good insulation
  • 120 AirJet system not quite as impressive as the Ibiza’s 140, but in theory should also reduce running costs slightly


3) Helsinki AirJet

Moving up the Lay-Z-Spa range in both size and price, we have the Helsinki.

The 180 AirJet system fitted to this model is getting into the pretty exceptional range when it comes to relaxation, producing a rather nice hydromassage effect. Plus, you’ve got all the usual Lay-Z-Spa bells and whistles that make this a solid purchase.

But the other notably “solid” thing about the Helsinki is the rigid wood-effect exterior. This improves the structural integrity of the tub, making it much more durable than your standard inflatable.

All in all, the Helsinki is well worth considering for looks or sturdiness or both.

  • 7 person capacity
  • Rigid extra outer layer provides tough strength
  • Wood effect is aesthetically pleasing


4) Hawaii HydroJet

This more advanced model is all about combining HydroJets with the AirJet technology that the hot tubs listed so far have relied on. The Hawaii model’s HydroJets are omnidirectional and can have their flows adjusted for a truly special hydromassage experience.

On top of this, the Hawaii has been designed for ultra-tough stability along lines the manufacturer calls “Duraplus and beam” construction.

Being a square design again maximises space for yourself and fellow bathers, making the Hawaii a truly solid all-around tub – one of the best inflatables on the market by many metrics!

  • 6 person capacity
  • HydroJets are pretty exciting to use and deliver a great experience
  • Extra toughness in the design makes this a solid choice in more ways than one


5) Maldives HydroJet Pro

Taking a confident step into the luxury end of an already luxury market and brand, the Lay-Z-Spa Maldives HydroJet Pro delivers a home spa-like experience at a price that’s still very reasonable for what you’re getting.

Again, we see the HydroJets being a great addition to the large number of AirJets this model boasts. The combination of square design and sheer size makes the Maldives hot tub a place for the whole family (though watch out for special rules governing children in a hot tub) or a group of friends too.

In short, it’s a party in the Maldives and everyone’s invited! This tub also has water-powered lights for creating the perfect mood and has super-comfy seating, so any prior experience you’ve had with inflatable tubs where you could feel the ground underneath is so not going to be a concern here.

If you’ve got the funds, the Maldives HydroJet Pro is worthy of your consideration.

  • 7 person capacity
  • Incredible comfort, space, and generally luxurious experience
  • Really see what makes Lazy Spa the best hot tub brand for inflatables


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