How To Clean A Hot Tub | How To Keep A Hot Tub Clean

How Do You Clean A Hot Tub? Discover How To Clean A Hot Tub The Easy Way In This Guide.

How To Clean A Hot TubHow to clean a hot tub. It is simple, isn’t it? Well, it took the writer of this guide 6 years to really master the art of cleaning a hot tub. I don’t want you to take that long, as more time cleaning the hot tub takes you away from time inside the hot tub. Nobody wants that.

So let me share with you how to clean a hot tub, the easy way.

How To Clean A Hot Tub Step 1 – Little & Often

The overriding principle when it comes to how to keep a hot tub clean is that little and often will make your life so very much easier than if you try and put off cleaning your hot tub.

Staying on top of your chemical levels, along with regular quick cleans, will mean that your hot tub is always ready for you to use whenever you like.

How To Clean A Hot Tub Step 2 – Checking The Chemicals

You should check your chemical levels at least every other day. Yes, this means that you will have to use the hot tub test strips regularly, but that is a small cost in the bigger scheme of hot tub usage, it really is.

And it means that your hot tub will be ready to go whenever you want it.

For this hot tub user, that is around 5 days a week in the winter, and whenever it is cold enough to use in the summer, which, fortunately, as he lives in England, means that is usually around 3 or 4 days a week too.

So, use the hot tub test strips every other day, then adjust the hot tub chemicals so that they all fool in the correct region, as shown on the outside of the hot tub test strips, bottle.

Chlorine Or Bromine System

The next step is to ensure that you keep your chlorine or bromine at the right level as consistently as possible.

I have had expensive automated systems which break every few months, so I gave up on those and found the best system is the simplest one, the automatic dispenser below:

You fill the tube with chlorine or bromine tablets, how much chlorine or bromine to dispense depends on how frequently you are using your hot tub and how many people (1 for not much, 8 for many times and many people), then, so long as you check it every so often and adjust as necessary, there is very little chance of your wanter becoming so cloudy that you do not want to get into your tub!

Click here for the dispenser:>>

Click here for the chlorine tablets:>>

Click here for the bromine tablets:>>

How To Clean A Hot Tub Step 3 – After Every Use

Once you are finished in the hot tub, use a simple cleaning cloth to wipe down all around the water line of the hot tub and behind the pillows. Doing this each time will stop dirt building up around the water line. Also, if you do this regularly, you will not need to use any waterline cleaner to do this, it will remain clean.

Use something like this lint free cleaning cloth to clean the sides each time. Once you have cleaned the sides, take the cloth in with you to dry on a radiator, then it is ready for use the next day.

How To Clean A Hot Tub Step 4 – Regular Water Vacuuming

This part is a crucial part of the process.

Rather than using the standard pump action hot tub cleaners that most hot tub shops sell, if you use the hot tub vacuum cleaner that I recommend, it actually removes some of the water from the hot tub each time you clean it, but this is a crucial part of the hot tub cleaning process.

It is by removing water regularly, then topping it up once a week, that you are replacing dirty water and the sediment in the bottom, with clean water. This means that you can increase the length of time between each of your complete hot tub water changes.

Less changing of the water means less hot tub downtime and less hassle.

Click here to see my favourite hot tub vacuum cleaner and cleaning process:>>

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