Floating Hot Tub Chlorine Dispenser

Are you a hot tub owner looking for the best floating hot tub chlorine dispenser to make maintaining the chlorine levels of your hot tub nice and easy? If so, look no further as here we look at a range of floating hot tub chlorine dispensers.

Why Use A Floating Hot Tub Chlorine Dispenser

To be able to use your hot tub regularly you absolutely must stay on top of your chlorine levels. Failure to do so means that you will end up with cloudy hot tub water, which you really do not want.

Whilst some hot tubs come with all sorts of clever sounding chlorine systems, from turning salt into natural chlorine, or built in chlorine dispensers, the truth is that often these do not work quite as you would like them to.

Sometimes they do not work at all, sometimes they work for a while and then stop.

This is why floating hot tub chlorine dispensers can be such a life saver.

They are incredibly simple to use and when you know what you are doing, they work so very well.

Inflatable hot tub

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Floating Hot Tub Chlorine Dispenser
Floating Hot Tub Chlorine Dispenser

When it comes to floating hot tub dispenser, this is the one that the owner of totallyhottubs uses day in, day out.

It is so very easy to operate.

You unscrew the bottom, pop in your chlorine tablets, screw the lid back on, set the amount of chlorine you would like to dispense from 1 to 9, then pop it in to the hot tub where your filters are (if you have them) or pop it anywhere in an inflatable hot tub.

If you set the floating hot tub dispener to 1, the gap is very small, meaning very little chlorine will escape into the water.

You will only set it to this level if you are not using your hot tub and just want it to maintain the water, for example if you are going away and won’t be using it for a while.

If you are using daily, and a few of you are using it, you might need to set it to 9, but for using two or three times a week with just two or three of you, you will probably find a setting of 3 to 6 will work well.

You simply play with the settings until you find out what maintains the chlorine levels to the correct amount, as advised by your hot tub test strips.

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