Choosing An Umbrella For Hot Tub Protection And Style

Umbrella For Hot TubIf you’re after something a little lighter and more manageable than a full gazebo, getting an umbrella for hot tub protection – and stylishness – is a great way to go.

Choosing an umbrella for hot tub protection and style.

There are a lot of umbrella options on the market though, so here are a few things you should really bear in mind.

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Why Use An Umbrella Instead Of A Gazebo?

1) Easy To Put Up And Take Down

Even a lightweight gazebo takes a little effort to put up and take down. Hot tub umbrellas, on the other hand, can usually either be folded away to the side of the tub or underneath when not in use.

Most lighter (in cost and size) umbrella models can simply be taken off with a couple of seconds’ effort, minimising the time you need to spend out of the water!

2) Light And Airy

Hot Tub UmbrellasMost hot tub gazebos provide more coverage than your average hot tub umbrella. Sometimes, that’s really handy.

Sometimes though – on the hottest, sunny days, for example – you want minimal layers between yourself and the outside. An umbrella will keep the sun off while allowing maximum breeze and air through.

3) Easy To Move And Reposition

Some budget-friendly gazebos will need to be fitted entirely under the base of your tub, making them difficult to move or reposition if you need to (without draining and moving the entire tub that is).

Most hot tub umbrellas either have a stand or slide under the base of the tub. Both of these can easily be moved around to track the sun or provide better shelter from the wind.

More expensive umbrella models come fitted with pulleys and cranks that allow for a lot of adjustment.

Hot Tubs, Rain And Your Umbrella

cantilever hot tub umbrellaUsing your hot tub in the rain under an umbrella for protection can be a lot of fun. In fact, there’s no harm being in your hot tub with no protection if you don’t mind the occasional drop falling on you. An umbrella will provide:

  • Protection for you – for showers and above, you’ll thank yourself for investing in this kind of cover. Some of the larger high-quality parasols offer the same coverage as some gazebos.
  • Protection for your tub – investing in some kind of cover is also a smart move for your tub. A little rainwater in there is okay – it won’t do much to the pH level of your water. But a lot will start to have a negative effect.

Sitting in your hot tub in a thunderstorm is definitely a bad idea though. There’s a risk of electric shock that’s only made worse by the fact you’re sitting under a tall, pointy metal rod in the form of your umbrella pole.

Never sit in your hot tub if you see lightning or hear thunder coming in.

Ideally, get out of the tub and disconnect it from the main power supply for surge protection. This is actually also relevant for indoor tubs – you don’t want to be sitting in a pool of water when there’s even a small risk of big shocks!

Hot Tub Umbrellas And Wind

Taking advantage of your umbrella’s ability to reposition, you can create an effective wind shield with some models. That’s something most gazebos can’t provide.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of the kind of umbrellas you buy for hot tubs aren’t susceptible to blowing inside out or being damaged by gusts of wind like your bog-standard umbrella is. They’re fitted with wind vents that disperse the force of the gusts.

Of course, you may struggle with all but the most heavy-duty umbrellas in high wind conditions. That said, hot tub gazebos that aren’t permanently-installed woodenor metal models are going to struggle too. Plus, high winds aren’t exactly the most attractive ‘tubbing weather!

Choosing The Right Umbrella For Your Hot Tub

Lazy Spa Hot Tub CoverHot tub umbrellas range from cheap and cheerful models in the tens of pounds region to good quality models as you pass by the hundred-pound mark to something really sturdy and attractive as you get into the several hundred pounds bracket.

Your decision as to the right umbrella for your hot tub will obviously be guided by the type of tub you have, the look you want, and the kind of protection you need. But whatever you choose, an umbrella or parasol makes a great addition to your ‘tubbing experience.

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