Where Can I Go Hot Tubbing Near Me?

If you don’t own your own hot tub, but you know and love the benefits of a hot tub, you may well be asking yourself the question “Where can I go hot tubbing near me?”. In this short guide, we show you how to find the best hot tubbing places near to where you live or work.

Relaxing and unwinding in a hot tub afer a hard days work, or at any hour of the day, is a wondrous thing. Whether you are looking for some alone time, romantic time, or to celebrate life with a group of friends, hot tubbing has something for everyone.

Read on to discover you can get into a hot tub very easily as quickly as today!

Spa Hotels

The easiest choice, perhaps, is to find your nearest Spa Hotel and book a day pass to visit. There are usually one or two hot tubs, inside and outside, so this is probably one of the fastest methods possible to go hot tubbing near me!

Of course there is a cost, as there is with most things, but if you are in some serious need of some R & R time, this is probably your fastest way to get immersed in the bubbles, and usually in a lovely setting too.


Some gyms have hot tubs, especially when they are connected to a hotel.

The good thing about gyms is that they will usually offer you eith a free trial day, or a cheap day pass to incentivise you to join the gym.

The good news is: “You don’t have to join the gym”.

Yes, there will be a small sales pitch before or after your day pass, but after a few minutes you can just say that you are going to try out one or two more gyms and then make your decision for which one is better for you.

They can’t argue with that, so away you go, having had some hot tubbing time, and now knowing you can do the same in another 2 to 20 gyms near to where you live or work, depending where you are in the country.

Hot Tub Showrooms

Most hot tub companies have a dedicated testing hot tub, to encourage you to dive in, feel the benefits of hot tubbing, then hopefully buy one of their hot tubs.

Again, these hot tub trials are free, and usually somewhere private (inside a cabin frequently) or tucked away from the main viewing areas.

It is an easy and free way to get into some hot tubbing near me!

Hot Tub Hire

With hot tub hire, you can have a hot tub delivered, filled and prepared straight to your home.

Imagine a few hours from now having a hot tub arrive at your door, being set up by the hot tub hire company, then waiting with excitement for the hot tub to get to a good temperature.

However, what is even better is that a lot of hot tub hire companies deliver your hot tub to you THE DAY BEFORE you hire it, so that it is at the right temperature and ready to use on the day that you want it!

That is fantastic service, is it not?

With free delivery and set up in as little as 30 minutes from your local hot tub hire company, and from around £100/£$150 per day, this is one of the easiest and certainly most private ways of getting some hot tubbing near me time in the diary.

After all, what is easier than having a hot tub at home when it comes to hot tubbing near me?

Ask A Friend…

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to get into a hot tub quickly is to ask any of your existing friends if you can use their hot tub.

Most hot tubbers are passionate about the enjoyment they receive from their hot tub, so if you have friends who own one, who may be away for work or on holiday, they might be more than happy for you to do some hot tub sitting for them.

After all, a hot tub needs regular checking of the chlorine or bromine levels to keep it running sweetly, so you can help your friend out by doing this, and they can help you out by letting you use their hot tub as part of the process.

Come to think of it, there might just be a new business idea in this for you – “Hot Tub Sitting”!

Set yourself up as a hot tub sitter and away you go!

Leading onto this, if you are prepared to get your hands dirty, here is another option to get into a hot tub!

Hot Tub Cleaning

Many people, completely strangely to us, leave a hot tub sitting empty for months or years.

Even worse, they leave it full but do not put any chlorine or bromine into it, meaning that the water turns into a green or brown sludgey mess.

No one wants to clean that!

Which is why if you set yourself up as a hot tub cleaner, you will be contacted to sort out this mess, paid to do so, and as often the hot tubs left sitting empty for months or years are in a holiday home, often be able to use the hot tub when you have it up and running again.

You can even trade that as the job is more than a one day job, you will need to stay in the holiday home while you clean the hot tub over a period of a few days, netting yourself a free break and a hot tub to use as and when you like!

Enjoying Wondrous Relaxation In A Hot Tub Near You

These are just some of the ways to get your hot tubbing time in today, tomorrow or in the next few weeks.

We hope you have found this useful, and if you have, we would love to keep in touch and share our other hot tub news and stories with you.

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