Hot Tub Lights For Perfect Night ‘Tubbing

How to choose hot tub lights for perfect night ‘tubbing’

One of the best times to enjoy the relaxation sensation that your hot tub offers is after dark, but how do you choose the right hot tub lights for the perfect evening?


Though candles can be romantic, most people want a slightly more reliable and even illumination that won’t drop wax everywhere. Step forward, specially designed hot tub lights!

If you’re considering the best type of lights to add to your hot tub set-up, here are a few options and things to think about.

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Can You Put Lights In A Hot Tub?

First of all, it’s worth considering the interplay of electric-powered lights and water here. Don’t simply chuck any old lights in or around the liquid in your tub. In case it needs saying, that’s an easy way to electrocute yourself.

Basic safety concerns aside though, as long as you follow product instructions, you have a whole bunch of options to choose from when it comes to hot tub lighting.

What Types Of Hot Tub Lights Are There?

1) Built-In Lights

Many hot tub models these days come fitted with internal lights. Some are fitted beneath the water line, producing a serene effect. Others are mounted at the edges of the tub, facilitating not only attractive illumination but also added safety when entering and exiting the tub in the dark.

This kind of light can often be dimmed or even colour-changed via the same controls you use to activate and deactivate your tub’s water jets.

Built-in lighting might be easy to overlook in the excitement of choosing your hot tub. But if you haven’t settled on your favourite yet, it’s definitely worth adding to your list of priorities and preferences.

2) Submersible Lights

Bought a hot tub with lights already fitted below the waterline, don’t worry – the dream is not dead!

You can easily find submersible lights for sale. These waterproof models can be slipped into your tub, providing that uber-cool underwater glow effect for minimal cost.

These types of lights frequently come with timers, brightness controls, colour-change effects, and more. It depends on the quality you buy, though even modest contemporary models tend to have these options!

3) Floating Lights

This new and trendy addition to the world of hot tub illumination makes a great centre point for any ‘tubbing experience in the hours of darkness.

There’s something about having the lights bobbing on the surface of the water that’s incredibly soothing. There are also novelty options like floating fish and octopuses that can add a little point of interest.

Floating lights are definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in making your source of illumination an interactive part of your time in your tub!

4) String Lights

Designed – as you might expect – to be strung over your hot tub canopy, gazebo, or roof of the structure your tub is inside, a string of lights keeps your sources of illumination safely away from the surface of the water. They’re also elevated, a distinct advantage for visibility.

String lights come in a wide range of strengths and sizes, allowing you to create a brighter, softer, or more casual effect to your hot tub lighting situation as desired.

5) Tiki Torches

Tiki torches are the name given to the upright lighting option that originated in the US, borrowed from Polynesian culture in or around the 1930s.

Each torch consists of a small cannister of flammable liquid with a candle-like wick mounted on a bamboo or imitation bamboo pole.

Oil for tiki torches comes in a wide range of options. This includes citronella, a lemon-scented oil from a plant that has some limited ability to repel mosquitoes and other insects.

Tiki torches lend some great ambience and an exotic look to your hot tub. However, they’re a little bit more safety and effort-intensive than the other options listed here as they involve naked flames and some set-up.

6) Hot Tub Umbrella With Lights

Hot tub umbrellas are a great way to add some extra shade for your hot tub in summer and a little shelter from light rain in winter (or, to be honest, sometimes also during the Great British summer!).
Some hot tub umbrellas come with lights already fitted, meaning that all you need to do to switch over when the sun goes down is flick on the lights – and presto! Instant illumination.

There is a big range of hot tub umbrellas out there, with fitted lights tending to add to the price tag.

Hot Tub Lights And Your Night ‘Tubbing Experience

Spending time in your hot tub is a beautiful way to end any day. When the sun gets low, some carefully chosen hot tub lights give you a wonderful way to illuminate the scene. Whether it’s for relaxation, fun, or romance is up to you!

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