Hot Tub Steps

Hot Tub StepsHot tub steps: everything you need to know

Are you in the market for hot tub steps? For many tub owners, the various types of steps available for hot tubs make it much easier to get in and out of their tub than it would otherwise be.

Steps also serve a pleasant aesthetic purpose and many models can double as seating or storage, making them handily multi-functional.

If you’re considering buying hot tub steps, here’s an overview of what’s available and a few considerations to bear in mind before you make your purchase.

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Why Ae Hot Tub Steps A Sensible Purchase?

wooden hot tub steps
Wooden Hot Tub Steps

  • Ease of access – they make getting into or out of your hot tub much easier.
  • Hydrotherapy relevance – they can be the ideal addition for arthritis or injury sufferers using hot tubs for hydrotherapy.
  • Safety – they’re a good safety addition for everyone, regardless of how easy you find it to hop into your tub!

What Types Of Steps For Hot Tubs Are There?

1) Standard hot tub steps

Though they sound like a fairly mundane item, the range of hot tub steps the UK has available is actually hugely varied in terms of materials, styles, and suitability for different heights of tub.

grey hot tub steps
Grey Hot Tub Steps

You can easily find some basic plastic grey hot tub steps if you want something easy and functional – if you were hiring an inflatable hot tub for the weekend, for example.

Or you can find wood hot tub steps that are everything from top-of-the-market models to those that are individually handcrafted to your requirements (often from very fine materials such as teak) depending on your budget.

The basic terminology for steps includes “tiers”. As you might expect, this refers to how many times you need to step before you’re in the tub.

2) Hot tub steps with handrails

Buying hot tub steps with handrails in the UK is usually done for ease of access, especially if you think the people you’re inviting over for a ‘tubbing session might have accessibility requirements.

Steps with handrails come in a wide range of types and styles, but most of them are highly durable models that are often designed to be non-slip too. This often means they include rubber components and especially feet.

3) Corner steps

If your hot tub is installed in the ground, a popular option is corner steps that allow you to enter the tub from an angle. This usually takes the form of a single-step platform.

Not only is this an aesthetically-pleasing choice in and of itself, many of these types of permanent stairs come with candles or fixtures for lighting to add to the attractiveness of your tub setup.

4) Safety (rubber tread) steps

hot tub steps
Brown Hot Tub Steps

Though wooden steps for hut tubs are probably what most people have in mind if they’re looking to maximise the eye-candy effect, steps with rubber treads tend to be the most durable of the steps on the market.

Rubber doesn’t rust. It’s also anti-slip. As you might expect, this durability is something that adds to the price tag. However, many people would argue this is worth it – depending on your needs and setup – because they won’t need replacing as often, if at all.

5) Steps with storage

Some step varieties come with built-in storage. Again, there’s a big variety of styles and materials here. They range from durable boxes made from plastic or metal and plastic to those made from lightweight, airy rattan or wood.

Things To Think About Before You Buy Hot Tub Steps

1) Size

You might think this is obvious, but it’s amazing how easy it is to buy hot tub steps that aren’t the right size for the tub you have in mind.

Always measure carefully. If the number of step tiers doesn’t quite match the size of your tub, consider whether you want to step down or step up a little more than usual.

2) Look and style

The next consideration for most people is whether the stairs they buy match the look of their tub emplacement.

For instance, buying those basic hot tub steps of grey plastic would be a good choice for an inflatable tub. They’re less suitable for high-quality stone, brick, or wooden tub surrounds.

The standard white acrylic of most hot tubs is a good match for aluminium and steel-covered handrails and stair furniture.

3) Material suitability

The material your steps are made from is an equally important consideration before you buy, especially as regards the conditions they will need to endure. Ask yourself:

  • Is my climate particularly wet, humid, or salty? If so, hot tub wooden steps may eventually rot or warp if they’re not properly protected and covered.
  • Is my climate very hot or sunny? If so, wood might be the better choice. That’s because it withstands sun exposure better than plastic does. Even then, do be sure your stairs are properly sealed and treated.

Hot Tub Steps – Consider All The Angles

Hot tub steps are the ideal addition to many hot tubs. Whether for aesthetic reasons or – often primarily – to make it easier and safer for everyone to climb in and out.

Once you’ve answered the key questions listed here you’ll find it much easier to find hot tub steps that are the perfect match for your tub setup as well as your budget and any other requirements you might have.

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