Lazy Spa Palm Springs

Lazy Spa Palm Springs AirJet Hot Tub

Bestway’s Lay-Z-Spa range (often written as “Lazy Spa”) contains the highest-rated inflatable hot tubs in the UK. The popular Lazy Spa Palm Springs model sits roughly in the middle of this range.

The Palm Springs shares the excellent features of the entire Lazy Spa range. It’s also pretty roomy for a mid-market model.

So, is this the inflatable hot tub that will meet your particular dreams? Let’s find out:

Why Buy Lay-Z-Spa?

In general, the Lay-Z-Spa range is so well thought-of because:

  1. They win awards – we weren’t kidding about them being the most popular. Lazy Spa tubs regularly win all kinds of awards for the experience they offer.
  2. Solid 2-year warranty – lie back in the warm water and bubbles with complete confidence. If anything’s amiss, you’ve got a two-year warranty.
  3. 5-minute set-up time – these tubs are easy to set up and they don’t require any tools.
  4. UK-based aftersales support – get in touch with someone about your purchase if there are any issues.
  5. Same leading feature set – the whole Lay-Z-Spa range comes with advanced features like their FreezeShield, which prevents your ‘tub water from freezing.

What sets the Lazy Spa Palm Springs hot tub apart?

Any Lazy Spa Palm Springs review will tell you there’s a lot to love about this model in particular:

  • Large ssize – rated for up to six people but most comfortable for four, the Palm Springs is definitely on the roomy end for a relatively mid-market tub.
  • 140 AirJet system – 140 AirJets make for a wonderfully relaxing hot tub experience, delivering a soothing bubble massage.
  • Rapid heating system (to 40°C) – 40°C is the hottest temperature you will ever need your hot tub to be (we’d actually argue that 38.5°C is usually the perfect temperature). A system that is designed to swiftly get this hot is a solid feature.

How Long Does It Take To Heat A Lazy Spa Palm Springs Hot Tub?

A Palm Springs heats up pretty swiftly, but you do have to remember that “swiftly” on hot tub terms means between 6 and 12 hours. Of course, this will also depend on the ambient temperature and the surface on which you’ve placed your hot tub.

On the plus side, the Palm Springs has a handy timer that you can set up to 72 hours ahead of your planned dip. This ensures your tub will be ready when you want it to be.

Does It Take A Lot Of Energy To Run A Lazy Spa?

A rough ballpark figure would be around £10 per week or perhaps £40 to £50 per month if you use your Lazy Spa a lot. Remember, of course, that any current estimate will change when energy prices do.

On average, inflatable hot tubs do take more energy to heat than solid ones. However, the Palm Springs model has that energy-saving timer system and an inflatable lid that prevents heat loss when your tub is not in use. This should limit costs, so always remember to use it.

If you’ve never had a hot tub before, don’t forget that there are certain ancillary costs like filter cartridges and the chemicals needed to maintain your tub’s water balance.

How Big Is A Palm Springs Lazy Spa?

A Palm Springs Lazy Spa will fit four people with ease and six people if you’re all close friends or family members! Some handy size stats for this model are:

  • 963 litre (254 gallon) capacity at 80% full
  • Diameter 146-196 cm (internal and external)
  • 71 cm in height

Lazy Spa Palm Springs – Review

Most people find that the Palm Springs is Lay-Z-Spa’s jack-of-all-trades, middle-of-the-road model that’s still excellent by pretty much any metric. Especially for a relatively modest, mid-market price tag, there’s not much to find fault with here.

You still get all of the premium features of the Lay-Z-Spa range – the AirJets, rapid heating system, and FreezeShield among them – and you can fit six adults at a push, which is no small thing for a tub that costs this much.

The only negative is that the Palm Springs, for all its sturdy and durable TriTech material and I-beam construction as well as its comfortable cushioned floor, doesn’t actually feature any specific seating.
For most, this won’t be any kind of issue. And when set against the large number of benefits of this exceptional 4-6 seater tub, it’s barely a blip on any Lazy Spa Palm Springs review.

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