Can You Use A Pump For Emptying Hot Tubs?

So, what is the answer to your question “Can You Use A Pump For Emptying Hot Tubs?”. The good news is that yes, not only can you use a pump for emptying hot tubs, but there is actually quite a strong argument for it being the only way you should ever drain your tub of water.

Fast, simple, portable (and surprisingly affordable depending on the make and model you choose), specially-designed hot tub emptying pumps do the job quickly and cleanly.

Here’s everything you need to know about how they work.

What is the fastest way to empty a hot tub?

Let’s be honest. The reason we’re all here is we want to know how to get that water out of that hot tub or jacuzzi as fast as possible.

Surprisingly though, the fastest way isn’t actually using the built-in gravity drain that most hot tubs come equipped with in one form or another. The fastest way to drain a hot tub is actually with a submersible pump.

That’s right – a hot tub emptying pump is faster than gravity – much faster!

Simply plop one of these pumps in the water and let it go.

Most models come equipped with a flotation switch that will turn the pump off automatically when the water’s drained.

And that is it – job done.

How do submersible pumps for emptying hot tubs work?

As you might guess from the name, a submersible pump is placed in the water of the hot tub to work its magic.

Operating fully submerged, your pump will apply a great deal of horsepower to drain the water from your hot tub or even something like a swimming pool. They’re incredibly straightforward to operate:

  1. Connect the pump to the hose (usually supplied), tightening it if necessary.
  2. Gently place the pump in your full hot tub and let it submerge.
  3. Plug the pump in, turn it on, and leave until the flotation switch detects your tub is empty.

Why use a specific hot tub emptying pump?

Submersible pumps that are specifically designed for draining hot tubs and similar water features like swimming pools are more efficient than the pump or gravity drain most hot tubs or swimming pools come with.

They’re also much more suited to this task than pool pumps. Pool pumps can cause damage to themselves by sucking in extra air if used for this sort of activity, so they’re best avoided.

Plus, hot tub emptying pumps are:

1) Fast

pump to empty hot tubsUsing a pump to empty your hot tub means the entire process can take as little as half an hour.

This varies with the size of your tub and the power of the model of pump you’re using, of course.

But that average timeframe rarely gets much longer for most standard tub and pump combinations.

2) Convenient

Once you’ve dunked your pump, turned it on, and got the flotation switch settled, you’re free to get on with something else while it does its work.

That flotation switch is designed to automatically switch the pump off once the level of water reaches the level you set.

This can be any level. Yet most people will simply set “empty” and put their feet up.

3) Powerful

pump for emptying hot tubsIt can be a little disconcerting to drop a submersible pump into the tub the first time you do it. After all, it looks like the kind of electrical appliance we usually take extreme care not to combine with bodies of water!

Once your pump is in the pool though, most models will pump a surprising depth of water out with no problems. Depths of five or even six metres of water aren’t usually an issue, even if that’s a little deeper than most hot tubs stretch to.

How often should I empty my hot tub?

Most manufacturers put a three-to-five month limit on how long you should leave the water in your hot tub before draining it.

Any longer than that and the water will start getting dirty, even dangerous.

If you can, it’s worth taking the opportunity to refill your tub with water that has a good balance of chemicals whenever you empty it.

Using a pump to empty hot tubs and safety

Unfounded worries about plopping a pump into water aside, there are a few basic safety precautions to take when using this kind of device.

First of all, don’t go dragging your pump around by the hose when it’s in the water. Usually, the worst that will happen is that you’ll get soaked when the hose comes out. But it’s still worth using a strap or rope.

You also never want to force a submersible pump to work when it’s not actually submerged. Like a pool pump on a job it’s not designed for, this can cause the pump to suck in extra air, damaging it.

When the minimum level setting on the flotation switch says it’s done, it’s done. That last trickle of water will go down your hot tub’s gravity drain in moments.

What to look for in a hot tub emptying pump

There is a huge range of reliable pumps for emptying hot tubs on the market. Recommendations from independent reviewers are the best way to choose between them, as there can often be little to choose between them on the surface.

Once you’ve chosen your hot tub emptying pump, you’ll have everything you need for a stress-free and easy draining and refilling of your hot tub ready for your next luxurious soak.

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Want to know the fastest way to empty and refill your hot tub?

OK, so this is a bit of a game changer. We think you will like it – a lot!

hot tub water transfer bagOne of the most frustrating parts of emptying and refilling your hot tub, if you like using it as much as we do at totallyhottubs, is the length of time it takes to empty and then refill the hot tub.

Well, you have now found the answer to the emptying hot tub question with the submersible pumps for emptying hot tubs above, but if you have changed your hot tub more than once before now, you will know that it is actually filling your hot tub that takes forever. Literally, hours!

So, what is the solution?

The solution is that before you even start emptying and then cleaning your hot tub and filters, you start filling another vessel with water – a lot of it, so that by the time you have drained your hot tub using the submersible water pump above, you can then use that same pump to transfer the fresh water from your hot tub water bag into your nice, sparklingly clean hot tub.

The vessel you want to use is the Water Transfer Bag.

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