Gifts For Hot Tub Owners

Looking For The Best Gifts For Hot Tub Owners? totallyhottubs, the home of UK hot tub advice, has pulled together the best gifts for hot tub owners in the UK.

From floating lights, to speakers, we have compiled a list of the best gifts for hot tub owners available to buy right now.

The list includes cheap hot tub gifts, expensive ones and mid tier priced gifts.

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Let’s take a look at totallyhottubs gift guide for hot tub owners.

The Best Selling Hot Tub Owner Gift

The idea of a hot tub is simple.

You get in it, whatever the temperature outside, and you immediately feel, well, how shall we put it, hot!


However, what happens when you step outside and its minus 15 degrees – all of the benefit of soaking yourself in the tub is gone in an instant.

This is why your hot tub owner friend needs this wonderful dry robe. As they step out of the tub, they throw this onto themselves and the lovely ‘feel good glow’ that the hot tub has created stays with them.

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Hot Tub Gifts By Pricing Category

Next, as promised, here is our popular gift by price category for hot tub gifts.


Light Up Your Hot Tub Owners Face (And Hot Tub)

Gifts for hot tub owners numero uno

What’s the first love of any hot tub owner?


What’s the second love of any hot tub owner?


On a cold winter’s evening, there is nothing like sitting in hot water with the stars above you and lights floating atop your hot tub.

These lights have a soft, gentle light so rather than taking over the night sky, they amplify it.

View these hot tub lights:>>

Hot Tub Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers

Gifts for hot tub owners dos

We have two options for waterproof speakers for you here; one for smaller budgets and one for larger budgets for your special hot tub owner.

The first is by the awesome wireless speaker manufacturers Sonos, who make great wireless speakers for your entire home and garden.

The SONOS roam is their smallest and most portable speaker, and most importantly for your hot tub owner, is waterproof for up to 1 metre.

This is a classy little speaker with ooodles of sound coming out of it.

Heysong Blueprooth Speaker

Gifts for hot tub owners no. 3

The second is no less a gift for your special hot tub owner, but comes in at under £20, making it a much more affordable gift for your wallet.

The speaker comes in black, grey or blue, so you can choose the best coloured gift for your hot tub owner.

With up to 24 hours playtime, your hot tub owner can easily get through a week of use without having to recharge the wireless speaker.

With an IPX7 rating, this hot tub speaker will survive being immersed in water up to 1 metre deep for up to 30 minutes!

Click to view the Heysong Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker:>>

Hot Tub Drinks Holder

Gifts for hot tub owners quatre

It has been known for the odd hot tub owner to take in a couple of drinks in their hot tub from time to time.

Whether it be a nice chilled glass of champagne, a cold beer or a long island iced tea, a cold drink makes time stop and the hot tub fun last a lot longer (aside from the nipping out to go to the toilet of course…. ying and yang).

So why not treat your wonderful hot tub owner to a drinks holder to place over the side of their hot tub?

These are designed specifically with the Lazy Spa in mind, but should work with most inflatable hot tubs (check the dimensions to make sure they will work with your hot tub owners own tub.

Click here to see the hot tub drinks holder:>>

Hot Tub Glasses

Gifts for hot tub owners five

It follows that if your hot tub owner friend likes a tipple or two in their hot tub, they need something to drink that tipple from, no?

Every hot tub owner knows that just pouring sticky cocktails straight into their hot tub is a no no as it will clog up their jets, so why not treat them to some high quality, unbreakable glasses.

These very well made, plastic, unbreakable and reusable glasses will do the job at the same time as looking suitably stylish.

They come in a range of sizes, from Balloon Gin Glasses, to champagne flutes and hurricane cocktail glasses.

Click here to view the full range of available glasses now:>>

Hot Tub Booster Cushion

Gifts for hot tub owners exi

This is not just any old hot tub booster cushion.

Oh no!

This hot tub booster cushion also comes with a floating pink flamingo drinks holder.

Name me a hot tub owner who wouldn’t want one of those, whether they need the booster cushion or not?

Joking aside, the thing with hot tubs is that the seats are all fixed. You cannot raise them if someone is barely able to keep their head above water.

Which is where this hot tub booster cushion could be a saviour for your hot tub owner friend.

Give them a gift, with a little lift!

Click here to view the hot tub booster cushion (and not forgetting the free floatomg pink flamingo cup holder that comes with it):>>

Floating Drink Holders…

Gifts for hot tub owners sevennnnnnn

OK, we knew it!

We had you at the pink flamingo cup holder, didn’t we?

You don’t want or need the booster cushion for your hot tub owner friend, but floating cup holders in the shape of birds, footballs, UNICORNS (wait, what, nooooooo), yep, we agree, it’s a must for you isn’t it!

So, we won’t let you down.

Here you can buy an entire array of floating drink holders for your friend.

Which floating cup holder are they going to like the most though?

Clearly the pink flamingo is going to be up there, but what about the duck? Or the floating palm tree?

Don’t you worry, these are the decisions your hot tub owner friend is now going to have to make when you give them 13 floating drink holders!

So this isn’t just one hot tub gift, but 13 of the little beauties.

Does life get any better than this?

Click here to view the little floaters:>>

Hot Tub Basketball/Netball Anyone?

Gifts for hot tub owners number 8

So, we have piqued your interest on the fun side of hot tub owner gifts have we?

OK, well let’s have some fun in the tub shall we?

Who doesn’t enjoy throwing balls into hoops?

You sit in the hot tub for a while, then, having had a cocktail from the high ball unbreakable drinks glass above, you feel like playing some ball. But you don’t want to get out of the hot tub now, do you?

You want to stay in and play ball.

Well, now you can.

Thanks to those genius’ at Fosuboo, the specialist in water game fun, you can now inflate your hoop and net, and take it in turns to throw the ball through the hoop.

Fun tub times lay ahead for your hot tub owner friend with this wonderful gift.

Click here to view the inflatable floating ring and net (with balls included):>>

Getting In And Out Of The Tub Protection

Gifts for hot tub owners neuf

In our opinion, the best time in a hot tub is on a very cold winter’s evening.

An icy cold but still night, with clear skies above for some star gazing is just wonderful to watch from the warmth of a hot tub.

However, that leaves one problem, well, two actually.

1. Getting into the hot tub on a very gold night; and
2. Getting out of the hot tub when you are now nice and cozy into a freezing cold night.

Cue these bad boys/girls, designed to keep your hot tub owners feet as snug as a bug in a rug (with a hug).

Designed for the outdoors, the sole will stop water coming through, and the fluffy lining will keep your friends or partners toes nice and warm.

Click here to view:>>

You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Buy A Hot Tub…. Hot

Gifts for hot tub owners number dix

We all like a lazy, flopping around T shirt don’t we?

Lazy Sunday, chilling around the house after a few chores, but then, wait, don’t we have a hot tub?

Shouldnt we go in it?

Well, my dear, seeing as you have been wearing a flopping around the house T shirt all about hot tubs all day, I guess we should!

Just let me get my hot tub slippers and I will be with you in a jiffy….

Click here to view the T Shirt:>>

Hot Tub Headrests

Gifts for hot tub owners 11

One of lifes great mysteries is that when you buy a hot tub not every seat comes with a headrest (it’s true – look it up)…

Why would you do that.

Just imagine, you slumber into your favourite hot tub seat, you know, the one with the two jets that just whirl around in the middle of your back region, taking away all of the day’s stresses and strains, and as you sink back into the seat your head rests on firm fibre grass, wood or a very upright inflatable lazy spa.

No, stop that right now, for goodness sake.

Stop it with one of these.

A nice, soft, gentle head rest to lean back into and.. yawn…. zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ


Another Hot Tub?

If you are looking for an over the top gift for a hot tub owner, why not buy them a second hot tub for a second home, or a replacement hot tub if there current one is getting a little dated.

We appreciate that this is only a gift for a very special hot tub friend, but you never know!

Click to view the Lazy Spa hot tub:>>

Conclusion To Our Guide For Gifts For Hot Tub Owners

We have tried to round up a wide selection of gifts for hot tub owners, so that you can indulge your hot tub owner partner, friend or relative.

Whether you have a huge budget, or are shopping for hot tub gifts on a budget, there is something here for you.

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