Hot Tub Headrest

Hot Tub HeadrestWhy you should buy a hot tub headrest?

Picture the scene. You’re submerged in warm, soothing water. The water jets are gently massaging your body. You lean back against the edge of the tub… but you could be comfier. You, my friend, need a hot tub headrest.

But headrests and pillows designed for hot tubs do more than simply give you the ultimate in ‘tubbing comfort (though, admittedly, they do this very well). They also help you keep your head out of the water, which you always should be doing in a tub.

So, yeah, you’re not just relaxing and having a good time. It’s for safety reasons, guys.

Here’s why buying headrests for hot tubs is so such a good idea. And how to find the comfiest (sorry, safest) one for you.

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Why Shouldn’t You Put Your Head Underwater In A Hot Tub?

Joking aside, it is worth knowing that you really should keep your head above the surface of the water when you’re in a hot tub.

Hot tub water jets and nice hot water feel great on your body, but they’re not so good for your ear canals or your eyes or nose. The passages of your ear canal don’t want to be exposed to the bacteria that will build up in even very well-maintained hot tubs (the hot water is the ideal breeding ground for it).

There’s also a risk for those of us with longer hair. The water intakes beneath the surface of the water can suck these in, which is not a situation you want to be in.

The Different Types Of Hot Tub Headrests And Pillows

1) Simple pillow

Hot Tub Simple Pillow
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You can pick up a simple hot tub pillow for around £10 or so. Most of these will just about do the job. They’re going to protect the back of your head from resting on the hard acrylic surface of your tub which, at minimum, is all you need. You’re not going to be reaching the very heights of idyllic comfort though.

The level of support this kind of pillows provide varies a great deal. As does their overall quality. Look out for those made by actual hot tub manufacturers as added accessories if you want something that might be a little better than the average.

2) Fitted hot tub headrest

Some hot tubs come with headrests that are pre-installed “out of the box”, as it were. They’re already built into your tub – or added with some minor assembly – and you’re good to go. Or, more accurately, you’re good to lie down.

lazy spa hot tub headrest
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Fitted headrests have an advantage in that you don’t usually have to select them – or, if you do, it’s from a limited range of suitable options. You’re also sure that your headrest is going to fit your tub (this can very occasionally be an issue with the broad category of headrests discussed below).

On the downside, you get what you’re given. Don’t think that headrest looks good? Not impressed with the comfort level? That’s a decision you’ll hopefully have made correctly when you bought your tub in the first place. Otherwise, there aren’t many options.

3) Slip-on hot tub headrest

Slide On Hot Tub Headrest
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The sightlier pricer end of the hot tub headrest market is the luxury headrest. These often offer quite a bit of comfort, looking more like big pillows or even aeroplane headrests than they do hot tub pillows.

Rather than the lighter pillows that perch on the edge of your tub, this type of headrest slips over the top lip. This means they stay in place much better.

Comfort is probably not going to be a problem you have with these either. Plus, even the higher-end models are rarely going to break the bank – certainly not compared with the cost of your tub itself (or the value of being just ultra-comfortable).

How Long Do Hot Tub Pillows Last?

You can expect most hot tub headrests of reasonable quality to last for a good four or six years.

Sometimes they can last longer. But these comfort-enhancement/ safety devices are constantly exposed to heat and the chemicals circulating through your hot tub. This tends to have a detrimental effect on their lifespan.

Luckily, hot tub headrest replacements are very affordable (unless yours is one of the very old built-in models made of the foam core and laminate exterior that is particularly prone to cracking, in which case it might be time to update your tub).

More modern models tend to be much more comfortable. Plus, the way materials technology has advanced in recent years means that even ones available for a modest price are tough enough to stay in great condition for extended periods.

So, despite their relatively limited lifespan, hot tub headrests and pillows are so important for comfort and safety that they’re essentially a must-buy for even the most casual of ‘tubbers. It’s time to go out and get yours!

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