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Looking For The Best Hot Tub Accessories For Your Hard Hot Tub Or Inflatable Hot Tub? Here We List Some Of Our Favourite And Essential Hot Tub Accessories.

Hot Tub AccessoriesThere is nothing like unwinding in a hot tub after a hard day’s work, or even a cheeky early morning hot tub, or relaxing whilst on holiday. When you get the right hot tub accessories, it just takes the entire experience to another level.

With thousands of hours of lolling around in hot tubs experience, we thought we would put together our favourite hot tub accessories and see if you like any of them too!

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Hot Tub Changing Robe – Hot Tub Accessory 1

What? It’s a hot tub robe and a changing robe? Who ever thunk. (Man not included).

If you do not have enough space (or money) to build an outdoor changing room next to your hot tub, which, let’s face it, is 99% of the hot tub market, then you can make yours and your guests life easier by buying a few of these changing bath robes. You can then even use them on a tripe to the beach, so you will certainly get your money’s worth.

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Just to be clear, you don’t get the man inside the bath robe too; just the robe.

Yeh, we knew what you were thinking!

The Best Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaner- Hot Tub Accessory 2

The Best Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaner By Far
The Best Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaner By Far

Don’t get scared now – we know what you are thinking. That isn’t a vacuum cleaner, it is a ‘bottom of fish tank’ cleaner.

Exactly – genius, isn’t it?

We thought so when we first found it and to this day it is STILL THE BEST HOT TUB VACCUM CLEANER available on the market, in our opinion.


  • It sucks all of the bits at the bottom of the hot tub (let’s not dwell on what they might be) right out of the tub and into the drain, without constantly having the pump action the traditional hot tub vacuum cleaner, which usually spreads this gunk further around the tub when you expel the ‘cleaned water’ meaning you can’t actually clear it out. This vacuum cleaner totally sucks it all out of your hot tub.
  • If you regularly suck out a fair amount of water (2/3 times a week, daily if using the hot tub daily) you need to regularly top it up. This is where the magic lies in that by regularly removing and adding fresh water, you prolong the life of your hot tub so you can change the water at longer intervals. This means less time emptying, refilling, then checking every ten minutes if it has reached temperature (dull, that bit, isn’t it!).

We like this so much, we gave it its own page: Best hot tub vacuum cleaner

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Waterproof & Floating Speaker – Hot Tub Accessory 3

Speaker AND Disco Light Ball – don’t mind if we do!

We never really understood why people bought the hot tubs with televisions or speakers built in. We all know that at some point they will go wrong, then you will end up wistfully looking at the speakers that used to play you lullabys but which now only let out a low crackle and hiss and feel disappointed.]

Save yourself the additional hundreds or thousands and buy something that is easily replaceable if it goes wrong, and that not only plays music but also gives you a disco in your hot tub!

What is not to like about that.


Yes please maestro.

Flashing, coloured lights?

Ooooohhhh, cheekly, go on then!

Two birds, one stone. Boom!

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Hot Tub Towel Rail – Hot Tub Accessory 3

Hot Tub Towel & Robe Rail

Now you have your lovely, fluffy, warm towelling robe and changing robe from hot tub accessory 1 above, where are you going to put it when you dive into that lovely warm water?

Are you just going to throw it on a chair, which may be damp?

Or hang it over the side of the hot tub, only for that moment where Phil makes too much splash and soaks it? It’s always Phil, isn’t it! Naughty Phil.

Avoid the hassle of telling Phil he is never allowed in the hot tub again, ever, by getting yourself this lovely towel and bath robe holder, which can stand safely close to the hot tub, without being close enough for Phil to ruin the lovely, relaxing hot tub time again.

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Hot Tub Drinks Table – Hot Tub Accessory 4

Drinks Cooler AND Drink Table At Hot Tub Level!

Now, we don’t know about you, but occasionally (nearly always) find that a nice cold something goes very well with a nice hot hot tub.

However, have you noticed, that there are often two problems with drinks in the hot tub:

  1. There are NEVER enough cup holders inside the hot tub; and
  2. Sometimes, one drink isn’t enough. You can play the ‘you go, no you go’ game for so long, but someone always wins and someone always loses (me).

So, make life so very much easier by having your drinks right next to you, in a cool box that also acts as a pop up table right next to your hot tub.


Cheers, En Sante, Yammas, Salut.


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Hot Tub Sun &amp’ Rain Cover – Hot Tub Accessory 5

Protection from the rain and sun, but only when you need it…

Anyone who already owns a hot tub will realise that they can become very hot. The last thing we want to do is to cover the hot tub with a permanent gazebo, or build it inside a shed, it will be sweltering.

However, there are times, surprisingly not that many as you might expect, where it is wet but you still want to go in the tub.

So, rather than a permanent monstrosity of a building or gazebo to look at, why not simply fix four hooks and when needed, clip up this far more attractive, sail like cover to stop the rain or the sun from falling on you?

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Hot Tub Accessories – Your Favourites?

Have we missed one that you could not live without?

Don’t keep it to yourself – let us know all about it so we can share it with all of our other hot tub lovers.

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