Hot Tub Canopy Ideas

Hot Tub Canopy IdeasGot your hot tub or spa all set up in your back garden? Want to be able to keep enjoying it even if the weather starts becoming slightly less cooperative? Here we explore the full range of hot tub canopy ideas so that you can find just what you are looking for.

Running the whole spectrum from light and very affordable to full custom wood and metal installations, there will be something here for every budget as well as both permanent and inflatable hot tubs.

What Is The Best Type Of Canopy For Your Hot Tub?


Inflatable hot tub

1) A Full Wooden Or Metal Structure

A canopy for a hot tub built into your back garden will always be better if it is a permanent installation that matches the look and feel of the rest of the space. You might want to consider:

hot tub canopies ideas

  • Wooden pergolas – look warmer and more inviting and make the ideal base for climbing vines and creepers, creating a natural feel for your ‘tubbing space. They don’t tend to offer much shelter though, meaning you may need to combine them with a canvas canopy.
  • Metal pergolas – are more durable and lower maintenance than wooden alternatives and often offer neat options such as polycarbonate panels in the roof and sides to provide a light, tough canopy.
  • Complete contemporary shelter – a full shelter with shutters and a fixed or retractable roof is almost certainly the most expensive type of hot tub canopy available. It’s also probably also one of the most effective.

2) A Retractable Awning For Your Tub

hot tub canopy ideasYou can buy a retractable hot tub canopy at a wide range of price points and find options made from a number of different materials. The downside is that most retractable awnings offer less protection from the elements than a full structure or gazebo does.

On the plus side, many people find retractable canopy options to be more appealing than fitting their tubs with enclosing pergolas or shelters because when the sun’s out, you can be too.

Plus, that wide range of options means you can opt for an awning that’s paler in colour for a more relaxed, nautical, or natural look or go for a bold contrasting statement colour or fun pattern that matches the rest of your décor.

3) A Waterproof Or Canvas Canopy For Your Hot Tub

ideas for hot tub canopyWhen most people are looking for hot tub canopy ideas, it’s this kind of more temporary waterproof or canvas type they’re thinking of. Even in this subset of models, there is a wide variety on offer:

  • Waterproof hot tub canopy cover – these low-cost, lightweight models are usually designed to provide mild protection from the sun or light rain. The most economical models may only cover one side of your tub, meaning you need to orientate based on wind or sun direction.
  • Standalone temporary gazebo – looking much like a festival tent or marquee, a gazebo or pop-up canopy will cover the whole of your tub offering good protection. A middle-range option usually for a pop-up tub.
  • Canvas canopy cover – canvas is a great material for a hot tub umbrella or canopy.. Many are designed to be combined with a structural base (wood and canvas look great together) for a truly stylish installation.

Choose Between Hot Tub Canopy Ideas Based On Budget And Need

You can get a very simple yet effective hot tub canopy for as little as £20-30. This type of canopy would suit a modest inflatable tub that you don’t plan to use more than a few times in a season and don’t want to invest very heavily in.

For a hot tub that you’ve invested in building into your property though, it’s usually worth going much further than this with your canopy selection.

Because it’s not just you that your hot tub canopy is sheltering. It’s also protecting the tub itself – against too much sun exposure, for example. Direct sunlight can cause warping, fading, and lead to inflated hot tub maintenance and repair bills.

When investing in a hot tub shelter like this, it’s sensible to balance your goals with your budget. Don’t waste money on a short-term solution when what you really need is long-term protection, for instance.

Go Further With Your Hot Tub Canopy Ideas!

hot tub canopy lightingOnce you have your canopy installed, it’s time to add the bells and whistles. Experiment with lighting. Plant creepers for aesthetics or bushes for shelter.

Or why not keep things as simple as possible? When the simplest hot tub canopy ideas or hot tub gazebo ideas set you back such a relatively small amount, sometimes that’s all you need to keep on ‘tubbing!

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