HotSpring Sovereign Not Heating Up / Holding Heat

Do you have a HotSpring Sovereign not heating up? Does the temperature look like it’s heating up but when you put your hand in it is luke warm at best? If so, this can be fixed easily and cheaply without the usual expensive cost charged by HotSprings every time they come to your property.

To fix your HotSpring Sovereign not heating up, follow these steps?

Step 1 – Check Your Lights On The Front

If your red light is flashing (the bottom/right sided light), then this means that you have a circulation problem.

Don’t worry, we can still fix this (if I managed to fix my own Sovereign Hot Tub with my little practical skills, you can too).

Step 2 – Check Your Ciruclation Pump Outlet

One of the benefits of the HotSpring Sovereign hot tub is that it filters 100% of the water all day, every day, ensuring it stays clean for longer.

However, for this to be working you must always see bubbles coming out of the floor filter.

If you check the bottom of the hot tub and see this with no bubbles coming out of it, that is the reason that your hot tub is not heating up.

Again, this is good news, because amazingly the next step will fix this for you.

Step 3 – Turn Off Your Sovereign Hot Tub

The next step is important, so make the trudge to your garage or outside store and turn off your hot tub power supply, then head back to the hot tub.

Check that the power is definitely off, before completing the nest step.

Step 4 – Clean All Of Your Filters

I know what you are thinking now – precisely the same that I did – it can’t be this simple, can it?

Yes, yes and yes, it really can.

Give them a proper clean.

Get a powerful hose and clean each filter separately, spraying up and down each of the channels and removing any stubborn leaves or other debris that is in the filters, using tweezers if you have to.

Once they are all properly cleaned, return them to the hot tub and tighten them back in place.

You are now ready for the final step – good luck!

Step 5 – Turn The Power Back On

Go back to your power supply and put the power back on.

Return to your hot tub and check that bubbles are now coming out of the bottom of the hot tub again.

If they are not, put the jets on for five to ten minutes to clear any air blockages in the system, then shut the lid and wait an hour or two.

If it works as it did for me, when you go back your bubbles will be coming out of the bottom of the hot tub and your water is being heated again!

All without an expensive HotSprings call out charge.

For the next article on the Sovereign Hotsprings Hot Tub, it will be about whether the Salt Water Fresh Water Chlorination Process works and is worth the extra cost.

Then we are going to look at the pros and cons of buying a HotSprings hot tub.