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How Does Our Hot Tub Service Near Me Work?

hot tub service near meAs part of our mission to help fellow hot tub enthusiasts, totallyhottubs offers a free service to our website friends to connect you with hot tub servicing companies near to where you live.

Whether you have sprung a leak in your hot tub (noooooo), one or more of the jets has stopped providing you with a soothing back massage, or you simply want someone to clean it out and refill it, our hot tub service agents across the UK are ready and waiting to help you.

Things To Consider When Ordering A Hot Tub Service Near Me

Not all hot tub services are the same.

You should consider what you want to achieve from your hot tub service.

Is something just broken, or are there specific parts of your hot tub not working that you would like fixing?

Generally, when ordering a hot tub service near me, consider whether you want:

  • A simple check over service; or
  • A thorough pre-empty clean to flush out all the dirt and grime engrained in the system, empty of all of the water, full service and refill of the water, i.e. a full service.

The benefit of the full hot tub service is that not only is the hot tub fully serviced for you, but it is cleaned, emptied and refilled for you (one of the most tiresome and time consuming jobs of being a hot tub owner).

You are presented with a hot tub that is virtually ‘as new’ by the time that your hot tub servicing company is finished with it.

It is so much easier and faster for the hot tub servicing company to clean, empty and refill a hot tub than it is for you to do it yourself because they usually come prepared with a large plastic water tank which they fill from your taps whilst carrying out clean and service on your hot tub.

By the time they have finished the service and your hot tub is empty and spotlessly clean, they are able to use an electric water pump to quickly transfer the water from their plastic holding tank into your hot tub.

If you have ever emptied and refilled your hot tub yourself, you will know that refilling your hot tub is the most time consuming (and boring) part of the process.

Of course it will cost more to have them do this for you, but for the time saving element, it is usually money that most hot tub owners thing is very well spent.

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Totallyhottubs connected me free of charge with a hot tub servicing company, they responded within an hour and after exchanging photo’s of the tub on whtasapp they worked out the problem and solved it over the phone.

Great service, thanks to Nick and the team.

Rod, Portishead

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    What Happens Next When You Request A Hot Tub Service Near Me?

    • You enter your details on our hot tub service form above.
    • We forward those details to hot tub service agents near to where you live.
    • Those hot tub service agents get in touch with you, explain how they work and how much they charge for a hot tub service, then you decide whether to ask them to come and service your hot tub or not. If not, you take no further action and have not incurred any costs.
    • If you ask someone to come and service your hot tub, you agree their fee with them and pay them separately for their time and any parts.
    • That’s it. We do not charge you for our service; it is just a part of what we do at totallyhottubs!

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