Benefits Of A Hot Tub

Benefits Of A Hot Tub
Benefits Of A Hot Tub
What are the benefits of a hot tub? What are the health tub benefits? What are the other benefits of regular hot tub use? In this article we talk about the many, many benefits of owning a hot tub, perhaps starting with some of the more surprising ones!

Benefit 1 Of Owning A Hot Tub – Surprising Conversations

When we bought our first hot tub, it wasn’t based on any great desire to own one, it was just that we were having our garden changed, which left us with this space in the corner of the garden that was a perfect size for a hot tub.

We decided to put aa hot tub in it and we have never once regretted the decision.

We use it I would say on average five times a week in the winter, when it is nice and cold outside in England, and two or three times in the summer, on those cooler nights.

However, the biggest surprise has been the conversations we have had with our children in the hot tub.

All of those awkward conversations a parent might be worried about having with their children took place in the hot tub, naturally and without any awkwardness at all.

They just happened.

Whether it was because our children were the right ages, very early teens or slightly younger than that, or just that there were no distractions such as mobile devices or televisions, they took place comfortably and we were able to get our message across as strongly as possible in a relaxed environment.

That has been by far the biggest surprise benefit of hot tub ownership!

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Benefit 2 Of Owning A Hot Tub – Uninterrupted Family Time

Following on from benefit number one, the second benefit of owning a hot tub is the quality family time that we have spent together, without any interruptions.

As the children grow older, this becomes less, but at very important times of their life, this was crucial family time.

Whether it was sitting and chatting, or girl time or playing games time, we had a lot of good times in the hot tub.

Later on, we were joined by boyfriends and girlfriends, and again, were able to have conversations without interruptions, getting to know them better than we might have done if mobile devices were in hand.

A wonderful benefit of hot tub ownership!

Benefit 3 Of Hot Tub Ownership – Unwind After Work Time

With a lot more people working from home these days, the time that they used to have to unwind after work before arriving home on their commute has gone.

They can go straight from their home office to full on home time, without any chance to unwrap the day.

This isn’t necessarily a good or healthy thing.

Throw in a hot tub, however, and you can replace the semi-relaxing commute time with totally relaxing hot tub time; a real and quality chance to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Hot Tub Ownership Benefit 4 – Health Benefits

Many people site the health benefits of owning a hot tub as the main benefit.

Whether suffering from general aches and pains, bad backs or arthritis, soaking in a hot tub regularly makes a big difference to the levels of pain.

The heat permeates deeply into the joints, particularly in the winter when it is sometimes hard to get warmth to the areas furthest away from the heart, such as the ankles, feet and hands.

When you couple this with extra time outside, soaking up the vitamin D from the sun, there are significant health benefits to be had from owning a hot tub.

4. Thinking Time

If you have something that is bothering you, that you simply cannot find a solution to, often a quick dip in the hot tub will lead you to find a solution.

The removal of any technology, shutting off the mind from the noise, leads to a lot of time for your brain to unwrap a problem and solve it.

Benefit 5 – Destress

Following on from 4 above, simply time to destress is a valuable benefit of hot tub ownership.

If you have the jets on, the noise takes away any external noises, or if you live in a very quiet location, sitting back with no jets on listening to the birds and the bees; there is simply nothing like it.

Stress relief is surely one of the best benefits that will come from your hot tub ownership.