The Best Hot Tub Accessories UK

We expect you are just like us and love a hot tub accesorry. We have put together our Best Hot Tub Accessories UK on this page so you can see what we think are the best and decide if you would like to treat yourself to one or more of them too!

The Best Hot Tub Vaccum Cleaner UK

We all no doubt got started with the pump action hot tub vacuum that our hot tub seller told us to buy. It was ok, but when you pump to suck up the water and pump back down to replace the cleaned water, it disturbs the water all around it.

So we decided that there had to be a better way, and there very much is.

The solution may surprise you, but it works a treat.

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The Best Portable Hot Tub Speaker

The Best Portable Hot Tub Speaker
Floating Hot Tub Speaker

If you didn’t invest in the built-in hot tub speaker, smart move. They are incredibly overpriced and in our experience of speaking with many owners, they do not always last very long.

So save yourself the optional upgrade cost of a few hundred pounds /few thousand pounds and instead opt for this waterproof hot tub speaker than you can just throw in the hot tub with you each time you dive in.

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Hot Tub Starter Kit

Hot Tub Starter KitWhen you just start out, it can all seem a little bit daunting getting to know your chemicals, the correct levels and how to keep your hot tub safe.

This hot tub starter kit has all you need to get you up and running. Whether you have an inflatable hot tub, or a more permanent one, this hot tub starter kit will get you up and running if you want it all in one go.

Click here to view and buy the Chlorine version on Amazon:>>

Click here to view and buy the Bromide version on Amazon (more popular option we find as its generally more stable – keeps the hot tub cleaner for longer with less maintenance):>>