Hot Tub Repairs Near Me: How, Where And Is It Worth It?

Hot Tub Repairs Near MeA good hot tub will last for anywhere from fifteen to twenty years. If you’ve just tapped in a quick “hot tub repairs near me” search and you’re near the end of that lifespan, it might be worth thinking twice.  Hot tub repairs near me: how, where, and is it worth it?

There are some components in most hot tubs that have far shorter lifespans than this though. The quality of the model and manufacturer you chose will also have a big role to play.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth investing in some hot tub repairs, here are the big considerations before you put your money on the line:

Hot Tub Repairs: Questions To Ask Yourself

1) How Much Longer Will Your Hot Tub Last?

That average 15-20 year lifespan can be a lot shorter with some tubs. You might expect a more budget-friendly tub from an average manufacturer to only last about ten years before replacement starts looking like a better option.

Two other key factors are the level of use your hot tub sees and the quality of maintenance it’s received during its life.

If your tub has spent a great deal of time with a bad water balance, for example, it’s not uncommon for it to wear out much faster.

It’s also worth knowing that some hot tub components wear out faster than others – especially if exposed to poor water balance or chemicals:

  • Pumps last for around 5-10 years on average
  • Heaters might last for only 5-7 years
  • Rubber gaskets, gate valves, and pillows are likely to perish more quickly, but these are all easy to replace

If your tub is well within its expected lifespan, the only time it probably won’t be economical to repair rather than replace is if the acrylic shell or frame are cracked.

Even then, it might be possible to effect a good repair seal if your “hot tub repair near me” search turns up a real professional.

2) What Scale Of Repairs Are Needed? Will More Be Needed Soon?

It’s best to balance the expected remaining lifespan of your tub against the scale of the repairs that are needed.

You should also consider the repairs that might be needed in the near future.

Here are a couple of possible scenarios:

  • You have an ageing hot tub. Even if you wanted to, you probably won’t be able to sell it for very much money. However, the cost of replacing a light fitting or heating element may still be worth it to keep it in commission.
  • You’ve had a hot tub for about five years. Even relatively expensive repair work will be worthwhile as this is an asset that is still worth quite a lot of money should you wish to sell it. It won’t yet be more cost-effective to replace it.
  • Your hot tub is about ten years old. You might reasonably expect it to last for another five years at least. However, it needs a new heater and cover now and is likely to need a new pump in the near future. Replacement might be more feasible in the long run.

3) How Energy Efficient Is Your Hot Tub?

Older hot tub models can’t compete with the latest modern ones when it comes to energy efficiency.

Part of this is due to advancements in materials and technologies. Older hot tubs tend to suffer from greater heat loss, often because foam insulation and other components wear away.

This can potentially add hundreds of pounds to your energy bill every year, so it’s very much worth bearing in mind when you’re weighing up hot tub repair vs replacement.

How To Find Hot Tub Repair Near Me

A quick Google search for “hot tub repair near me” is usually enough to find the available local options, or you can use our Hot Tub Service Finder.

Be sure to check their reviews and with other hot tub owners you know for recommendations.

When it comes to saving money on hot tub repair, consider asking your repair person if there are lower-impact options. Perhaps they could replace the heating element instead of the whole heater? Or a switch rather than the entire spa hardware set?

It’s also possible to save money if your engineer uses third-party replacement parts if they know they can rely on the quality.

In short, hot tub repairs are often the most economical choice for such an expensive asset. But it’s worth asking yourself some key questions before you start tapping away.

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