Lazy Spa Miami

Lazy Spa Miami – review and recommendations

The Lazy Spa Miami (technically “Lay-Z-Spa”, despite how most people type it) is an entry-level ‘tub created by the most popular inflatable hot tub manufacturer in the UK.

If you’re looking for an affordable ‘tub that will stand toe-to-toe with some much more expensive models in terms of feature set, the Lay-Z-Spa Miami is well worth considering.

So, is this the inflatable hot tub for you? Let’s sink into the bubbly waters:

Is A Lazy Spa Worth It?

Most people rave about their Lay-Z-Spas. If you’re in the market for an inflatable hot tub, they’re always going to be in your final list of options because of their:

  1. Excellent feature set – lots of features you won’t always find on equivalent tubs elsewhere, FreezeShield and a power-saving timer among them.
  2. 2-year warranty – as long as you carry out basic maintenance and care, you’re covered for two years if anything goes wrong.
  3. Quick set up – it takes about 5-10 minutes to set up a Lay-Z-Spa. That’s great! Of course, any hot tub takes a lot longer to heat up. But for simplicity, this can’t be beat.
  4. UK sales support – got a problem with your tub? You can speak to someone about it.
  5. Award-winning nature – this brand (Bestway) picks up awards left and right for the Lay-Z-Spa range. The Miami is no exception.

What Makes The Lazy Spa Miami A Good Hot Tub?

For the Miami, Lay-Z-Spa has maintained the exceptional feature set of the more expensive models of their range:

  • 120 AirJet system – really good for a hot tub of this size and price point, the Miami’s 120 AirJets deliver a soothing hydromassage experience.
  • Heats to 40°C fast – this is the highest temperature you’ll ever need your hot tub to reach. Any hotter and things get dangerous. Having a fast (for a hot tub!) heating system like this is a very useful thing.
  • Affordable – this entry-level tub gives you an affordable way to access all the joys of a hot tubbing experience with much less of the usual price tag.

How long does a Lazy Spa Miami take to heat up?

If you’re starting from scratch (i.e. your water is cold) it can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to heat up the water in your Lazy Spa Miami.

If you’re already at standby temperature though, this will be more like 6 to 12 hours. You also have a handy timer, so you can set your tub to heat anywhere up to 72 hours before you want to climb in.

As a general guideline, your hot tub water will increase in temperature by about 1-1.5ºC every hour.

Do Lazy Spas Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs are actually the most energy-efficient inflatable hot tubs you can buy. As one of their relatively smaller models, a Miami should use comparatively less electricity – especially with its energy-saving timer feature.

That said, inflatable hot tubs do require more electricity than most solid tubs. This is partly because they lose heat through the surface they’re placed on even if they have good insulation like the Miami.

A rough estimate would be that it costs a little under £10 per week, perhaps £40-£50 per month to run a ‘tub like this. Bearing in mind that this is based on current energy rates, which are likely to change.

Take care to use the cover, energy-saving timer, and standby mode when not in use. This is because it’s actually more energy-efficient to keep your hot tub ticking over just below ready-for-use temperature than it is to heat it from cold every time.

How Big Is A Lazy Spa Miami?

Lazy Spa Miami reviews that stick with the manufacturer’s rating of “up to four people” are being a bit generous with the truth – and with the space available in this tub!

It’s more accurate to say this is a two-person tub, perfect for couples. Or possibly a family tub for two adults plus two children (remembering that very young children should never be allowed in a hot tub).

Some useful statistics about the Miami in terms of its size are:

  • 669 litre (177 gallon) capacity at 80% full
  • 1.8 metre diameter
  • Height of 66 cm

Lay-Z-Spa Miami – Review

The Miami is a solid entry-level hot tub. It comfortably seats two, more at a push. Plus, it comes with an excellent range of features shared by more advanced Lay-Z-Spa models.

However, while it does have a comfortable base (and benefits from sturdy I-frame construction and Bestway’s DuraPlus material), the Miami doesn’t actually have any seats.

This isn’t usually an issue – most people find they don’t actually “sit” in hot tub seats anyway. It also has fairly functional controls, with the AirJets only having an on or off setting.

With all that in mind though, almost every Lay-Z-Spa Miami review you find will be a positive one. It’s affordability more than balances out any minor negatives of this high-quality inflatable hot tub.

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