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Where to buy a Lazy Spa hot tub (Lay-Z-Spa)

Lay-Z-Spa (often written casually as “Lazy Spa”) are probably the most famous manufacturer of inflatable hot tubs in the UK. If you want to buy a Lazy Spa, you’ll be well-rewarded.

These are sturdy and reliable tubs from a trusted manufacturer that boasts over a million customers as of latest count!

If you’re looking to buy a Lazy Spa in the UK, you’ve got a few options to choose from when it comes to your supplier. Here’s where to start:

Why choose a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub?

If you’re still on the fence about your decision to buy a Lazy Spa hot tub, don’t be. The brand has become the most popular inflatable hot tub manufacturer in the UK for a bunch of reasons:

  1. Award-winning – people like brands they can trust. Lay-Z-Spa’s slew of awards lends confidence and supports the quality of product you’re buying.
  2. Quality – across Amazon and Trustpilot, you won’t come across an inflatable hot tub brand that receives reviews that are as consistently and reliably 5-star as Lay-Z-Spa.
  3. Innovations – they’ve got fancy names like “Freeze Shield”, but the branding on these innovative technology hides genuinely smart improvements over the designs of many other manufacturers.
  4. Easy setup – you won’t beat Lay-Z-Spa models for ease of setup. Inflation usually takes about five minutes flat.
  5. Leader in energy efficiency – the brand has had independent studies done to back their claim of building the most energy-efficient inflatable hot tubs. This efficiency is aided by the fact that all models come with a lid and cover, helping them retain heat.

Where to buy a Lazy Spa hot tub

1) Direct from the manufacturer

If you’re wondering where to buy a Lazy Spa hot tub, straight from the horse’s mouth is the simplest solution. Lay-Z-Spa offers free delivery on every purchase over £40, and if you’re buying a hot tub, this will not be a problem.

Of course, the manufacturer stocks all of their own models – not to mention a bunch of accessories and relevant maintenance products – and it can be advantageous to deal with them directly instead of using a middle-person or intermediary supplier.

Buying direct from Lay-Z-Spa gets you:

  • Very fast delivery (“super” fast, according to TrustPilot!) and dedicated customer support line
  • Two-year warranty provided as standard
  • Klarna and some alternative payment options accepted

2) Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces

No discussion of buying almost any item these days can be complete without considering Amazon, eBay stores, or other online marketplaces.

Amazon, in particular, is the common go-to choice. Partly because the company is a presence pretty much everywhere these days, but also for a few other reasons. These include:

  • Lay-Z-Spa has a brand-specific Amazon storefront
  • Free delivery on most Lay-Z-Spa products via Amazon Prime
  • Feel more confident in your purchase after checking Amazon reviews

3) Local hot tub, bathroom, and home showrooms

In an age where so many things can be easily ordered online, the question “where can I buy a Lazy Spa?” can have a more physical, local answer than many people consider.

Finding a Lay-Z-Spa supplier or a showroom that stocks them can be easier or harder depending on where you live in the country. Yet there are a few reasons why it might be worth going old-school when you’re looking for a Lazy Spa to buy:

  • View and even try out (though this probably won’t include actually getting in the water!) your desired hot tub in person before you buy
  • Personal contact and recommendations can help with decisions and buyer confidence
  • Having a place to go if you have issues can be better than online or phone resolution methods

Ready to buy a Lazy Spa?

Of course, the final decision is which Lay-Z-Spa model is the best for you. You’ll want to base your decision around key factors like price point (of course), but also seating capacity, extra features (like the Helsinki model’s sturdy wood-effect exterior), and the number of WaterJets or AirJets and other hydromassage features you’re looking for.

Because, regardless of the reason you want to buy a Lazy Spa hot tub, this trusted manufacturer’s range of options will contain something to meet your taste and needs. It’s largely just a matter of choosing your source and model.

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