Hot Tub Gazebo Ideas

Hot Tub Gazebo Ideas

Hot Tub Gazebo IdeasCreate a striking feature for your garden at the same time as doing something eminently practical with these fun hot tub gazebo ideas!

Because a gazebo is a perfect addition to a hot tub for all kinds of reasons. First of all, it keeps the sun off you as well as (let’s be honest) the occasional British summer shower.

Secondly, a gazebo will protect your hot tub and its cabinet all year round if yours is a permanent installation. This potentially provides very important protection against fading, warping, and other expensive wear and tear.

So, what sort of gazebo would look best with your type of tub? Let’s see what’s on the market.

1) Hot Tub Wooden Gazebo

Let’s start as we mean to go on with perhaps the classiest of hot tub gazebo ideas, the permanent wooden gazebo.

A great addition to paved and patio areas with permanent hot tubs, wooden gazebos come in all kinds of styles and configurations.

In fact, they’re often custom-built for individual tubs. This means you can easily match the type of wood and other materials used in their construction with the furniture or cabinet of your hot tub.

You can choose something a little harder-wearing like tiled roofs, open up a starlight viewing experience with a flat transparent roof, or explore a dozen other options to make your tub perfect just for you. You might want to consider:

  • Plants, climbing creepers, and other greenery
  • Lighting, including low-maintenance solar-powered options
  • Blinds and other privacy options

The downside of all this style and customisation is that, unless you have the skills yourself, you’ll almost certainly need a professional to install this kind of gazebo.

It’s also definitely in the top-end price bracket.

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2) Pop Up Hot Tub Gazebo

Pop Up Hot Tub GazebosIf a full-on custom wooden job is a little outside of the budget you had in mind, the simplest way to get the cover you need to enjoy water-based relaxation any time of year is a pop-up hot tub gazebo.

You can get these in a wide range of sizes, qualities, and over a broad range of prices. They can start from as little as £60, though to cover your hot tub you are likely to need something a little more substantial.

You can also obtain models that literally pop up into place as easily as the latest generation of camping tents, relying on much the same technology.

This makes them the ideal accompaniment for inflatable hot tubs and smaller-size tubs where you only want something that will provide some shade for a sunny day or perhaps protection from some light rain.

Needless to say, if you’re the intrepid al fresco ‘tubbing type who wants to climb in no matter the weather, you probably can’t trust a pop-up gazebo for a hot tub to withstand strong winds or heavy rain.

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3) Hot Tub Gazebo Kits

Hot Tub Gazebo KitsHot tub gazebo kits cover the full range of hyper-convenient, takes-seconds-to-erect, costs-less-than-a-£100 pop-up models right up to those costing several thousand pounds that are effectively one-size-fits-all permanent installations featuring everything from wooden beams to slate roofs.

In the middle-ground here you’ll find a lot of semi-permanent and easy-take-down structures usually made from a combination of canvas over steel frames. We particularly like the one pictured on the right, as we have one and find it incredibly sturdy, even in relatively strong winds.

These models are a great option if you don’t want to go the full hog of a permanent structure costing thousands of pounds, but also think the pop-up options are too flimsy for your purposes.

There is a huge range of gazebo kits out there. You only need to go a little over the £200 mark to start getting into a variety of remarkably stylish options.

Getting practical with your hot tub gazebo ideas

Fun and stylishness aside, there are actually many sensible, practical reasons for buying a cool new gazebo to cover your hot tub with.

Even discounting that it’s very sensible indeed to get some sun protection in summer and rain cover in the wetter months (and probably a bit of summer too because, you know, the UK), consider all of the following and you’ll be giving your tub the protection it needs to last for many years:

  • Placement – even sunlight reflected from windows and other shiny surfaces can result in warping and fading of your hot tub’s furniture over time. Placing your gazebo with care provides the protection your tub needs.
  • Size – while a smaller 2m x 2m gazebo might be suitable in some cases, aim for a solid 3.5 or 4 metres square (that’s 12 feet square or larger) if you want a party-size gathering and total coverage.
  • Sturdiness – always bear in mind what you get what you’re paying for in terms of materials and the solidity of construction.

These considerations aside, it’s all about the fun, peace, and style you can introduce to your relaxation sessions and parties with the hot tub gazebo ideas and models that feel like the best fit for you.

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