How Much Does It Cost To Run A Lazy Spa?

How much does it cost to run a Lazy Spa?

So, the big question is here, how much does it cost to run a Lazy Spa? A Lay-Z-Spa (or “Lazy Spa”) hot tub is reputedly one of the most energy-efficient inflatable ‘tubs on the market. Is this true and what should you know before getting one for your home?

Well, the manufacturer – Bestway – has had some independent studies done, and the claim seems to be borne out. A Lazy Spa, as far as inflatable hot tubs go, is the most energy-efficient you will find in the UK.

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But how much are we talking, exactly? Let’s get down into the details:

How Much Does A Lazy Spa Cost To Run In The UK In 2023?

Most people wondering how much it costs to keep a Lay-Z-Spa running want a ballpark figure to work from. The estimate the manufacturer itself provides is:

  • £7-10 per week – for around 75 minutes of use.
  • £35-40 per week – for daily use of around an hour, five days a week.

However, these are more in the way of guidance rates. As we’ll get into below, there are many important factors that might mean these are far outside of what it costs to run your Lay-Z-Spa in particular.

Estimated Lay-Z-Spa Running Costs

So, how much does a lazy spa cost to run exactly? There are a couple of issues when it comes to working this out:

  1. Energy prices – of course, these are always changing. In fact, they often seem to be rising! Thanks, energy prices.
  2. Usage levels – every hot tub user is different. The way you make use of your ‘tub is going to dramatically affect how much money running it is going to cost. In short, use it more and it will cost you more.
  3. Volume and positioning of water – this basically boils down to how much water your tub holds (more costs more to heat) and where you’ve put it (a more sheltered position will cost less to heat).
  4. Outside temperatures – it can be a lot of fun to slip into those balmy waters on a chilly day. However, battling the ambient temperature will require more energy. It also helps to use a hot tub mat to insulate your ‘tub from the temperature of the ground.
  5. Level of care and protection – ideally, you will want to use the standby feature when your ‘tub is not in use. You will definitely want to use the thermal cover it comes with to maintain the temperature between sessions.

None of this is to say that running a Lay-Z-Spa is necessarily expensive. Compare it with some other entertainment options out there and it starts looking like a mighty attractive way to spend the evening!

Is It Cheaper To Leave A Lazy Spa On All The Time?

It seems counter-intuitive, but yes. If you’re worried about hot tub running costs, during peak use you should cover and place your Lazy Spa on standby mode in between sessions.
The standby mode (sometimes called a “thermostatic regulation” feature) simply keeps the water at the temperature you’ve set.

If you don’t use your ‘tub very much – perhaps only once a week – it’s probably going to be better to turn it off.

Otherwise though, it takes more energy to constantly heat your hot tub up from zero than it does to keep it there.

Are Lazy Spa Hot Tubs Energy-Efficient?

How much does it cost to run a Lazy Spa in comparison with the competition?

Less, it seems to turn out! Lazy Spas use less energy to heat the water to the 40°C that the independent study tested (and this is the hottest you’ll ever want your hot tub to be). This type of hot tub also gets you to that temperature much faster.

The independent agent also spotted that Lazy Spas have more insulation than most of the competition. This ticks a couple of those key boxes above – protecting against ambient temperatures and shelter.

This means the temperature in a Lay-Z-Spa drops noticeably (we’re talking almost 20%) more slowly than water would in another tub.

There was also one further observation that’s worth bearing in mind. Namely, that it’s cheaper to run your hot tub if you turn off the massage jets and heating. That’s especially important in between sessions.

Is A Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub Right For Me?

As always, this will come down to personal choice. But if you’re looking for one of the most energy-efficient and popular brands on the market, you won’t get much better than Lay-Z-Spa.
That does mean that the initial purchase price does tend to be higher. Yet it can be worth it in the long-run if you work out how much it costs to run a Lazy Spa by comparison with other brands.

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