What Temperature Should A Hot Tub Be?

What temperature should a hot tub be? Some people say it’s a matter of personal preference. And that’s certainly a big factor. But it’s not the whole story.

What Temperature Should A Hot Tub Be?If you’re looking for a sensible place to start with your hot tub temperature setting (without needing to alternately burn and freeze sacrificial body parts), here’s everything you need to know:

What Should A Hot Tub Temperature Be? (Where To Start)

The normal human body temperature is around 37°C. Though some people are a little different, this means a comfortable range for a basic hot tub temperature setting is probably around 36-38°C.

Most people and recommendations say that one degree warmer than body temperature makes for a nice pleasant entrance to the tub under optimum conditions, so let’s say 38°C (100°F) is the place to start.

However, a huge range of factors will affect this. Not least, the time of year it is, whether you are male or female, and your age.

Let’s go deeper.

What Temperature Should A Hot Tub Be At? (Factory Settings And Safety)

Because it’s thought to be the most comfortable ‘tubbing temperature’ for most people, most manufacturers set the default temperature of their tubs at 38°C.

This is a nice, safe middle ground. But do bear in mind that there are definitely limits in both directions.

When it comes to safety, the upper and lower limits of what temperature a hot tub should be set at are:

  • 26°C (minimum hot tub temperature setting) – on the hottest summer day, you might consider setting your tub as low as this. That’s pretty darn cold though. You’ll probably not want to aim for this chilly unless you really need to cool down!
  • 40°C (maximum hot tub temp setting) – in the depths of winter, you might want to set your tub to 39°C. Anything higher than 40°C comes with serious health risks. The American CDC and BISHTA (the British & Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) both put hefty warnings on this temperature. Don’t go beyond it.

What Temperature Should A Hot Tub Be In The UK? (Summer vs Winter)

Perhaps the biggest factor governing what the temperature of a hot tub should be is the weather you’re ‘tubbing in. Here are some goalposts and considerations for weather-based tub temperatures:

  • Winter/ cold winds/ really cold – if it’s cold outside and you really need to warm up, you might want to set your tub to the practical safety maximum of 39°C. This will keep you toasty warm even if it’s very chilly above the waterline! However, in the depths of winter, remember it will soon lose temperature so you might not be able to have an extra long soak before it starts getting too cold.
  • Summer/ really hot/ plunge pool – turn your hot tub or jacuzzi into a cooling plunge pool in the height of summer by setting it to around 35°C. While you can go colder, you’ll need to be arctic-blooded for that to be fun or endurable for very long!

What Temperature Should A Hot Tub Be In Celsius? (When Pregnant)

In general, most women say they prefer their hot tubbing experience to be a little on the warmer side than most men. This means, under normal circumstances, most women might prefer 38-39°C as a standard temperature.

However, this changes dramatically if the woman in question is pregnant. Hot tub use during pregnancy needs to be handled with a lot of care.

Even sitting in the hot tub for as little as ten minutes can raise your body temperature. A body temperature over 38°C is considered highly inadvisable if you’re pregnant though, especially during the first trimester. There are also added risks from dehydration and even fainting.

Specific recommendations for the ideal hot tubbing experience when you’re pregnant are:

  1. Do ask your doctor or midwife for some advice first
  2. Do limit the temperature to 35°C
  3. Don’t stay in the tub for longer than 10 minutes
  4. Don’t sink deeper into the water than your upper chest
  5. Do get out right away if you feel uncomfortable

What Temperature Should A Hot Tub Be? (Celsius For Children)

Children should also dip into the tub with care. A good hot tub temperature for children is probably 35°C. This is because children can’t regulate their body temperature as well as adults can.

What Temperature Should A Hot Tub Be In Degrees? (Arguably The Best)

The absolute best temperature for a hot tub is sometimes said to be 38.5°C.

This is a little above the baseline and a happy medium between the slightly warmer temperatures that most women are said to enjoy, while still being soothingly warm for men.

But don’t forget that there are many factors to consider when it comes to what temperature a hot tub should be, so it’s worth a little thought if you want to create a safe and comfortable relaxation experience for everyone.

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