How To Clean A Hot Tub & Filter

So, you have bought a hot tub, now you want to know how to clean a hot tub & keep the hot tub filter clean. The good news is that once you know what to do, it is relatively easy to do it. In this article, I will show you how to keep a hot tub clean.

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1. Little And Often Makes Life A Lot Easier.

You can keep your hot tub clean in under five minutes a day, or even five minutes every other day, but if you leave it for long periods of time it is likely going to take a lot longer and be a more painful experience.

Once you get into the cleaning habit, it becomes easier and easier to keep your hot tub clean.

Let’s start by taking you through the cleaning process.

2. Vacuum The Bottom Of The Hot Tub to Keep it Clean

I start by cleaning the bottom of the hot tub with my number one hot tub vacuum cleaner.

Whilst it was designed to clean the bottom of fish tanks, it is by far the best hot tub vacuum cleaner out there.

The reason is simple; in that it removes all of the dirt and grime which always drops to the bottom of the hot tub.

If you do not remove this, it continues to circulate in the hot tub water until such time as the water becomes cloudy and the hot tub bathing experience you once enjoyed becomes like a Shrek swamp.

Nobody wants that.

However, with just a few minutes a day you can completely avoid that.

As you syphon out the dirty water each day, you will need to top it up once or twice a week. Again, doing this little and often means that your hot tub temperature will stay good so that you can use it each day (which we do pretty much every day throughout the winter).

Click here to read more about the hot tub vacuum cleaner.

Every two or three weeks, remove about one third of the water using the syphon so that your water stays very clean and you can reduce the number of times each year that you change the water in your hot tub completely.

3. Check The Chemical Levels

Whether you use Bromine or Chlorine tablets or powder, checking and maintaining the right levels of chemical again will keep your hot tub clean and usable for longer.

In doing my research, it seems that if you use Bromine, the other levels of PH and Alkalinity remain more consistent than when you use Chlorine.

Just a word of warning, if you decide to switch from Chlorine to Bromine, you will need to completely empty your hot tub first.

Bromine Capsule Dispenser

To maintain your Bromine levels at the correct level, I use the very reasonably priced Bromine Capsule Dispenser.

The benefit of this dispenser is that you load it with Bromine Capsules, set it to a level from 1 to 8 (1 being slow release, 8 being fast release) and then it will slowly dissolve the tablets to keep your water clean.

I generally have it set to around 3/4, but then if we use the hot tub a lot more than usual, I will up the level to 7 or 8 (the more you use the tub, the more chemicals are required to keep the hot tub clean).

If you stay on top of the Bromine levels, the other levels tend to stay pretty consistent.

4. PH And Alkalinity Levels

When you test the water, you may find that PH Levels or Alkalinity Levels are too high or two low. There shouldn’t be much of a change, but if your PH Level is too high or two low, either add some PH increaser or PH reducer and they should soon come back to the right level (and the right one).

Generally, if you stay on top of the PH and Bromine levels, you will not need to worry about the alkalinity levels. However, if that does need adjusting, some alkalinity increaser will bring your levels up.

If you need to reduce alkalinity levels, the PH Reducer will do this for you.

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