Best Swim Spa Vacuum Cleaner

Which Is The Best Swim Spa Vacuum Cleaner?

Part of keeping your hot tub fun, safe, and hygienic to use is hoovering it to keep it free from dirt and detritus, so which is the best swim spa vacuum cleaner?

Well, fear not. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

Here’s a summary of the top hot tub vacuum cleaners you can buy in the UK and how you can go about choosing between them:


How To Choose The Best Swim Spa Vacuum Cleaner

Hot tub or spa vacuum cleaners usually fall into one of three broad categories:

1) Power Supply Cord Vacuum Cleaner

These are normally the heaviest duty but also the most powerful type of hoover designed for hot tub cleaning.

If you have a larger tub or one that often sees a build-up of leaves or other detritus, a more powerful option like this might be the best choice for you.

This type of device is also a good idea if you don’t fancy the elbow grease or marginal hassle involved in some of the other types mentioned below.

2) Battery-Operated Or Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

A battery-operated cleaner is one that is either plugged into a charging socket or requires batteries to power.

Usually the middle ground between the type of cleaner below and the fully power-plugged variety, a battery-operated cleaner is the type most people end up plumping for.

A cordless vacuum cleaner like this will be eminently suitable for tubs of a moderate size and level of dirt, but you might find they struggle or need multiple charge rounds between cleaning sessions to clean a larger tub.

They may also struggle to deliver the cleaning power that a spa hoover plugged into a mains power supply can – although this is probably only a problem when dirt has really piled up. They remain the best option in most cases.

Here is the most popular rechargeable hot tub vacuum on Amazong:>>

3) Mechanical Vacuum Cleaner

A mechanical vacuum cleaner will require either manual pumping by hand or will use water pressure to siphon the dirt from the liquid in your tub.

Of course, this means the energy cost of vacuum cleaning your tub will be zero. That’s pretty exciting. Especially when you consider that this type of cleaner tends to be at the most affordable end of the pricing spectrum in the first place.

The downside is the reduced power and cleaning capability of this type of device.

Some swim spa vacuum options worth checking out

1) Lay-Z-Spa Rechargeable Cordless Hot Tub Vacuum

As any quick internet search will show you, there is a massive range of hot tub vacuum cleaners out there. Often, there doesn’t seem to be much to choose between them. At least, on the surface.

That makes starting out with an appliance from one of the best-known and loved brands in the industry a smart move. This generically-named spa vacuum from Lay-Z-Spa is a well-reviewed choice.

We like:

  • 30 minutes of run-time per charge (that’s plenty of time to clean your tub)
  • Internal stainless steel filter is easy to remove and clean
  • Gets into hard-to-reach places that other, more powerful models can struggle with

2) Pool Blaster Max Cordless Pool Vacuum by Water Tech

This could be the best cordless spa vacuum cleaner on the market, achieving laudable review scores pretty much across the board. It does tend to clock in a bit more expensive than other models though.
The manufacturer, Water Tech, is well known in the industry for the quality of their products. It’s easy to see why here, as even though this is a cordless rechargeable model it delivers solid cleaning.

We like

  • Can clean intensively for one hour from a four-hour charging cycle
  • Especially effective at cleaning sand and algae growth as well as debris
  • Powerful suction despite being a chargeable model

We don’t like

No spa vacuum cleaner is perfect, however. In the Pool Blaster’s case, more than a couple of customers have remarked that their hoover arrived already damaged.

Water Tech is a reliable manufacturer, so there’s a decent chance this is some kind of delivery issue. Yet it’s worth bearing in mind.

Click here to see the Pool Blaster Vacuum In Action:>>

3) Pool Whale Spa Jet Vacuum Cleaner

This model of spa vacuum cleaner uses water pressure – sometimes called the venturi effect (created when liquid flows through a constricted section of pipe) – to deliver a surprisingly effective clean to the bottom and sides of your hot tub.

We like

  • Very low price point
  • Pretty simple to assemble despite its complex appearance!
  • No electricity or charging required here, a nice bonus

We don’t like

On the downside, though you can fit it together pretty easily, making the thing work can take a few experiments before you get it down.

This aside, there’s also a compatibility issue with some types of garden hose nozzle, so you might find yourself needing an extra adapter.

Click Here To See The PoolWhale Spa Vaccum:>>

Check Reviews Before You Buy

As always, it’s worth asking for personal recommendations from other hot tubbers you know and checking the reviews of the particular model in question before you go ahead and make your purchase.

There is no such thing as the best spa vacuum cleaner. Yet the ones above are all worthy contenders for the title, well worth checking out.

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