How To Prevent Snails In Hot Tub / Slugs In Hot Tub

Snails In Hot TubSo, you open your hot tub canopy ready for a lovely dip, then you scream “Snails in hot tub!”. But it’s not just the snails, is it? It is their black trails of excrement too. Some fall to the side, but somehow those pesky snails ensure that some drops into the hot tub too. “Oooooohhhhh!”. So, what can you do?

How To Prevent Snails In Hot Tub

There are many different ways to prevent snails in and around your hot tub, but some are friendlier than others, so it depends how much you want to get rid of these snails and whether you want to hurt the snails in the process!

Snail Prevention Method 1 – Our Favourite

So, this one is more of a deterrent, but it does seem to work and can become part of your hot tub cleaning process after each use.

Whenever you use a hot tub, naturally the soaps, deoderants and shampoos we use come off our bodies and go into the hot tub.

snails and slugs in hot tubTherefore, it is always a good idea to wipe around the waterline of your hot tub each time after you finish using your hot tub.

Naturally, a hot tub waterline cleaner is quite soapy, and in our experience, snails are not fans of soap.

Therefore, once we have cleaned around the waterline of the hot tub, we add some extra hot tub waterline cleaner to the sponge, get it really bubbly, then wipe all around the top outside of the hot tub (on the smooth hot tub part, not the fake wooden outer) so that when they slide their way up there, the taste/smell of the soapy cleaner makes them do a wuick U-turn.

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2. How To Prevent Snails In Hot Tub Completely Naturally

How to prevent snails in hot tubsThis method will appeal to those of you who do not want to use any chemicals or harm a snail in any way, but it does take a bit of setting up and if you do not do it properly (our experience), won’t work at all…..

This is a copper tape which apparently snails do not like and do not wish to cross over.

Therefore, you need to attach it all of the way around your hot tub to make an impenetrable barrier over which snails and slugs will not cross.

This was our problem with it, in that we didn’t take enough time or attention, or enough cleaning of the hot tub before applying the tape, to ensure a clean contact with the hot tub to form the impenetrable barrier.

So it came off, very quickly.

More importantly, the lady of the house didn’t like the tape spoiling the ambience and clean lines of the hot tub.

However, if you are looking for a natural solution, will take more time applying it, and do not mind the shiny copper line around the bottom (or top or middle) of your hot tub, then this one is for you.

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Method 3 – Getting Nasty To Prevent Snails In Your Hot Tub

hot tub snail repellantIf you have had enough of snail poop all around and in your hot tub, and lobbing the snails as far as you can down your garden (or into your neighbours garden) to discourage their return, then you may be ready for all out snail warfare.

It’s pellet time.

Prepare for lots of empty shells around the bottom of your hot tub, as this method basically turns each snail into goo that then disintegrates – think Alien meets Gremlins…..

Once again, the pellets don’t look very pretty around the bottom of your hot tub, so aesthetically this may not be the best option, but it is an option nonetheless, and a very effective one.

lazy spa hot tub

Make sure to choose a pet and wildlife friendly one.

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Hot Tub Snail Prevention

You may find that you use a combination of methods above.

All that matters is that you find the system that works for you to keep those pesky warmth loving snails and their poop away from your precious hot tub!