Reasons To Buy A Hot Tub

How many reasons are there to buy a hot tub? Well, read on and find our top reasons to buy a hot tub, from a hot tubber with over a decade of hot tub use under his belt! And just so you know, I had never held any great desire to own or buy a hot tub – we just had a hot tub sized space to fill in our garden!

1. Quality Family Time

reasons to buy a hot tubThis has been the best part of buying a hot tub for me. The number of times as a family we have had proper, no technology (water and tech is not a great combination), fun times in the hot tub is not countable.
When we bought our hot tub our oldest child was in their early teens with our next a couple of years behind.

That hot tub time was special, and also came with a surprise benefit, see reason number 2!

2. The Difficult Conversations

Who can honestly say, as a parent, that they looked forward to those conversations with their children about the birds and the bees?

I certainly didn’t, which is why this item is so high up on my list of reasons to buy a hot tub!

It happened naturally and wasn’t even comfortable.

We didn’t plan it or engineer it, it just came along and was very comfortable.

Maybe the fact that our children were trapped in the hot tub with us helped, I don’t know, but it was all very natural and comfortable.

So this is why it is number 2 on my list.

3. Quality After Work Relaxation

For me, the best time to dive into the hot tub is straight after the day’s work, particulalry in the winter when it is cold.

Nothing beats slipping into a hot tub when it is cold and dark outside.

All of the troubles and worries of the day slip away.

And breathe……..

Nothing beats it!

4. Time With Your Partner

As well as children time, time in the hot tub is also quality, no gadget time with your partner.

With life being so fast paced, this isn’t to be underestimated.

Time to chill, chat, catch up on each other’s day, discuss future holidays, your next home, all of life’s essentials, is much more fun when done in the hot tub.

5. Star Gazing

When did you last look at the starts?

When did you last see one of Elon Musk’s Star Link satellites gliding overhead (not far overhead worryingly either)?

I see Mr Musk driving by regularly in the night evening and night sky. His Star Link broadband system must have good coverage for the number of times that he spies on me whilst I am in my hot tub.

Apparently, for the record, Elon isn’t in the satellites and I am sure he isn’t spying on me, it is just a broadband service after all… or is it?

6. Alone Time

I have had some great business breakthroughs in the middle of the day in the hot tub.

I don’t do this often, but if I have things running through my mind and need some time to dwell on them, the hot tub is as good, if not better than the shower for thinking time for me.

Couple the hot water, with the cold outside, the noise of the jets acting as white noise…. this is good thinking time.

I used to have a waterproof pen and paper with me, but now the iphone is a little more waterproof if something comes to me I will just leave myself a quick voice note using the brilliant app Braintoss, which then emails it to me to action later, so I can go back to some more blue sky thinking.

7. Friends Time

Whilst we don’t often go in the hot tub with friends, we do from time to time, either before or after dinner, and we have had a lot of laughs in doing so.

However, funnily enough the novelty for friends wears off after one or two times – maybe it’s to do with the having to get changed into bathing suits or just the break up of the evening, I am not sure, but it isn’t a regular friends thing, but it is good to have the option.