How To Drain A Lazy Spa

How to drain a Lazy Spa

Even in a well-maintained Lay-Z-Spa hot tub, the water won’t stay clean and healthy forever, so you need to know how to drain a Lazy Spa. So, here’s a definitive guide on how to drain a Lazy Spa – perfect for when you spot signs that the water in your ‘tub could be cleaner.

There’s an added advantage of regularly replacing the water in your hot tub too. Let’s look into the details of why you should drain your Lazy Spa and how to go about it:

When To Drain A Lazy Spa Hot Tub

It’s good practice to drain your Lazy Spa (or whatever kind of hot tub you have) every two months at the very least.

Don’t forget – the warm liquid in a hot tub is the perfect spawning ground for bacteria. Even if your hot tub water looks like it’s stayed relatively clean, this really is your cut-off point.

In addition to simple regular maintenance – or the time of year when you’re emptying your Lay-Z-Spa before putting it into storage – you also might want to consider emptying and replacing the water when you notice:

1. Bad smells – a fairly obvious one, smelly water means it’s probably time for a change. Do be aware though that the smell of chlorine (one that most people associate with dirty water) is actually a sign that your chlorine is working as intended.

2. Cloudy or milky water – another side-effect of your chlorine having done its work is water cloudiness. The first step is usually to up your sanitiser levels. After a few chlorine shocks though, replacing the water is the next step.

3. Foamy water – you can buy special hot tub de-foamer. If this doesn’t sort the problem for long, it’s time to drain and refill your Lazy Spa.

Why Drain The Water From Your Hot Tub?

There are two major reasons and benefits why you should bear in mind the need to drain and replace the water in your hot tub on a regular basis:

  1. Hygiene – inviting your closest friends around to jump into a bacteria-filled pool is not a good way to retain them as your closest friends. Even if you take great care to maintain your tub’s water balance with a great spa vacuum cleaner, eventually you need to start afresh.
  2. Tub lifespan – letting water that’s chock-full of chemicals circulate the inner workings of your tub for an extended period will start to degrade the components. Replace the water regularly to help it be a wonderful presence in your life for years longer.

How To Drain A Lazy Spa Hot Tub

Draining a Lazy Spa hot tub is quick and simple. Here’s what you do (though not every Lay-Z-Spa model is identical):

1) Turn It Off

Before you go anywhere, make sure you’ve turned your hot tub off at the power socket. Safety first!

2) Remove The Pump Unit

The pump on your Lay-Z-Spa should be a separate unit. Remove the filter housing and reattach the stop caps to the debris screens that are beneath the water level inside your spa. Then you can detach the pump unit.

3) Attach A Hose To Empty

Now you need to locate the lower water pipe outlet on the exterior of your Lazy Spa. Attach the a hose to drain your lazy spa, make sure to use the hose adapter that your hot tub came with, attach your hose to that, and point the other end into the nearest drain.

Point of note here, do not empty hot tub water into your garden. It contains a whole bunch of chemicals that your grass and plants will not thank you for introducing into their habitat.

Then reach inside your hot tub below the water level to remove the stop cap from the lower water pipe. The water will then start to drain through the hose.

4) Flip And Empty

Once as much of the water as possible has drained out, you can disconnect the hose, flip your tub, and empty out the remainder of the water. Do keep the note about killing your grass in mind when deciding where to do this.

5) Clean Your Tub

While your tub is empty, it makes sense to – at the very least – rinse it clean of dirty water residue before you fill it again.

As you’ve already gone to all this effort though, it’s definitely worth being a little more intensive with your clean. Use soapy water and scrub before rinsing, remembering to clean the lid and cover too.

Refill Your Lazy Spa After Draining

You’re done! Now it’s time to refill your hot tub in preparation for your next relaxation session.

Working out how to drain a Lazy Spa is pretty simple. Don’t forget to reset your water balance by testing and sanitising though. Then you’re good to slip beneath those balmy waters once again.

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