Hot Tub Hire Near Me

Hot tub hire near me: the questions you should ask!

Hot Tub Hire Near MeEveryone loves slipping into those bubbling waters, maybe with a glass of bubbles to go along with it! But when a tub can set you back several thousand pounds, it’s no surprise that “hot tub hire near me” is a popular search query.

There are many hire options in almost any given part of the UK though.

So how do you choose between the many competing services when you want to hire a hot tub?

Here are some key questions and considerations you might want to bear in mind when considering hiring a hot tub.

1) How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Hot Tub?

This will depend on the size and type of tub you want to hire and the individual company you’re getting it from.

However, as a ballpark figure, it’s possible to hire a hot tub on a nightly basis for somewhere around £100.

You can get better deals than this, though they usually tie you into at least a week or two of hire at a minimum.

What works out best for you will depend on what you have in mind.

If it’s a one-off party – or something like a stag do or hen do – you might be better off with the more expensive nightly option than paying for weeks of hire time you don’t need, even if it’s cheaper!

2) Do You Need To Pay A Deposit Before You Hire A Hot Tub?

Almost certainly, yes.

The deposit amount requested by different hot tub hire companies varies, but it’s rare to find one that doesn’t want any – hot tubs are expensive pieces of equipment.

Some hire companies ask for a small cover charge. Most will want a full security deposit to cover at least part of the overall cost of the entire tub, which can be onerous but is fairly understandable!

3) Is Your Hot Tub Hire Service All-Inclusive?

This is another factor that’s going to govern how much you pay to hire a hottub. A standard “all-inclusive” service should include:

  1. Delivering the tub
  2. Installing it properly
  3. Teaching you how to use it if you have no hot tubbing experience (or even if you do)
  4. Possibly some sort of emergency hotline for if you have any problems
  5. Collection after you’ve used it

Most services should include delivering and collecting the tub (it’s a bit unreasonable to expect you to have a vehicle capable of carrying it!).

But do be sure that this doesn’t come with added fees or cost extra if you need it to happen at certain times, for example.

4) What Are My Tub Hire Options?

As you might expect, the make and model you choose will probably have the biggest effect on the rate you’ll pay when hiring a hot tub. There is a big range of tubs out there, so be sure you know what you’re getting:

  • Inflatable hot tubs – fun and easy and the most cost-effective, even inflatable hot tubs come in a variety of sizes and qualities and can make for an exceptional experience.
  • Portable hot tubs – you might imagine most portable hot tubs are relatively modest, but it’s possible to get some that accommodate up to seven people.
  • Luxury hot tubs – definitely fall into the more expensive category, but as with so much in life, you do tend to get what you pay for!

Note on “hot tub” and “jacuzzi” terminology: much as the “Hoover” brand has become synonymous with vacuum cleaners, the brand Jacuzzi is sometimes used in place of the word that describes a heated pool that people relax in together.

Saying “Jacuzzi” in place of “hot tub” isn’t always technically correct though. Because while all Jacuzzis are hot tubs, not all hot tubs are Jacuzzis.

Jacuzzis always feature the special kind of water massage jets that can be used for hydrotherapy (the brand invented them).

Some other brands of tubs incorporate this feature, but jacuzzis always do.

5) When Does The Hot Tub Arrive?

Most companies that let you hire hot tubs will want to deliver your tub at least the day before you need to use it. This is usually because they need to have time to fill and heat the water in the tub and maybe test the chemical balance.

It’s worth checking who is in charge (you or the company) of draining the tub and when this needs to be done.

6) What Are Hot Tub Running Costs Like?

The cost of running a hot tub is usually negligible if you’re doing it only on a short-term hire basis. Even if you hire a hot tub for several weeks, it will be around a month of constant use before a tub has a noticeable effect on your electricity bill.

A rough cost of daily usage would be around £1.20. But there’s no sense in wasting energy. Do be sure to fit any thermal jacket or cover your tub comes with at the end of the day. Place the tub on standby mode if you don’t plan to get in again for a prolonged period.

7) Do You Offer Any Hot Tub Hire Extras?

The icing on the hot tub hire cake is the fun or aesthetically pleasing extras that some companies offer. Add a sun or weatherproof hot tub gazebo or canopy, a heater, lights, or even check out the game selection!

It could be those little somethings that make your whole experience of hot tub hire near you a truly unforgettable memory, so they’re worth thinking about.

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